Section III of the Part C Grant Application FFY 2023

Section III

A. Description of Use of Federal IDEA Part C Funds for the State Lead Agency (LA) and the Interagency Coordinating Council (ICC)2

2Federal IDEA Part C funds used to support the SICC must meet the requirements of 34 CFR §303.603. 

Please Note: Completion of Section IIIA is required for all States, regardless of lead agency.

When completing this section include:

  • Totals for the number of lead agency and ICC administrative positions, salaries and fringe benefits funded either 100 percent and/or less than 100 percent with Federal IDEA Part C funds;
  • A general description of the duties which the positions entail;
  • A distinction between lead agency and ICC roles: insert (LA) or (ICC) in the "Description of Duties;" after each position; and
  • A subtotal of the amount.

Identify any administrative positions for which less than 100% of the time is spent on Part C and, for each such position, indicate the percentage of time spent on Part C and the total amount of salary and fringe benefits included in the Part C application budget.

Positions Funded Number of Positions % of Time Spent on Part C Salaries & Fringe Benefits Description of Duties
100% funded with Part C Funds 0 0 $0 N/A
Less Than 100% funded with Part C Funds 0 0 $0 N/A
Subtotal of amount under A: no entry no entry $0 no entry

B. Maintenance and Implementation Activities for the Lead Agency and the ICC

When completing this section include:

  • A description of the nature and scope of each major activity to be carried out under Part C in maintaining and implementing the statewide system of early intervention services:
    • Lead Agency Activities could include enhancing the Comprehensive System of Personnel Development, implementing child find strategies, or ensuring a timely, comprehensive, multidisciplinary evaluation for each child;
    • ICC Activities could include coordinating child find identification efforts, ensuring the timely provision and payment of early intervention services to eligible children and their families, advising on early childhood transition, support for the ICC (travel), or other implementation and development activities of the ICC
  • The approximate amount of Federal IDEA Part C funds to be spent for each activity; and
  • A subtotal of the amount.

Special Note: Prior Approval

Some direct costs require prior approval. These items include using Federal IDEA Part C funds to pay for: (1) equipment; (2) participant support costs (such as training or travel costs); (3) construction or renovation of facilities; and (4) rent, occupancy or space maintenance costs-3. The October 2019 Frequently Asked Questions (2019 FAQs) Prior Approval - OSEP and RSA Formula Grants-4 which provides prior approval for certain equipment and participant support costs. Please review this FAQ at prior to completing Section III. B. For any activity or expense listed under Section III of this application that is not covered by the scope of the 2019 FAQs and requires OSEP prior approval, mark an "X" in the chart below. The State must submit supporting documentation for any direct costs that require OSEP prior approval.

Approval of the State's FFY 2023 application does not constitute OSEP's approval of these expenses unless specifically referenced.

3IDEA and the Uniform Guidance require prior approval for the following expenses: (1) equipment (tangible personal property (including information technology systems) having a useful life of more than one year and a per unit acquisition cost which equals or exceeds the lesser of the capitalization level established by the nonfederal entity for financial statement purposes, or $5,000 (see 2 CFR §200.33)); (2) participant support costs (direct costs for items such as stipends or subsistence allowances, travel allowances, and registration fees paid to or on behalf of participants or trainees (but not employees), in connection with conferences or training projects 2CFR §200.75; (3) construction/renovation (see 2 CFR §200.12(b)); and (4) rent (see 2 CFR §200.465)).

4Under the 2019 FAQs, OSERS granted prior approval for participant support costs under IDEA that: (1) are associated with required meetings for the SICC; (2) incurred as part of providing services identified on an IFSP under IDEA; (3) do not exceed $5000 per individual participant per training/conference. In addition, the 2019 FAQs provide prior approval for equipment that is identified on or directly related to the implementation of the IFSP.

Major Activity/ Expense Part C Funds to be Spent Description of Activities/Expenses (include whether it is for the Lead Agency or SICC) Prior Approval Needed
Comprehensive Structure $0 Funding of 25 CFCs continue a consistent, comprehensive statewide system including a provider network, intake, eligibility determination, service coordination and development of IFSPs as well as the following: Local Interagency Councils to coordinate child find activities and provider communication, Parent Liaison support to families, Development Pediatric Consultation for professional assistance on child development concerns, and social-emotional consultation activities -
Comprehensive System of Personnel Development $0 Responsible for comprehensive training to providers and CFC staff (Part of maintenance of effort) -
Credentialing / Enrollment $0 Responsible for ensuring that providers meet credentialing/enrollment requirements -
Data and Payment System $0 Centralized data management system for case management of all children and families served and system for claims processing. -
Data and Payment System $0 Contractual Monitoring unit, monitors CFCs and direct service providers. -
Staff and Other Misc. Administrative Costs $0 Includes contractual costs, facility costs, travel, commodities, etc., excludes ICC and direct staff costs -
Subtotal of amount under B: $0 NA -

C. Direct Services (Funded by Federal IDEA Part C Funds)

When completing this section include:

  • A description of any direct early intervention service that the State lead agency expects to provide to eligible children and their families with Federal IDEA Part C funds;
  • The approximate amount for each direct service (States must disaggregate by service the approximate amount of Federal IDEA Part C funds expected to be expended for each direct service); and
  • A subtotal of the amount.
Description of Each Direct Early Intervention Service Approximate Amount of
Federal IDEA Part C Funds
to be Spent on Each Direct Service
Assistive Technology $524,207
Audiological $3,687
Developmental Therapy $3,863,812
Family Training and Support $1,660,316
Medical Diagnostic $32,782
Nursing $2,911
Nutrition $369,093
Occupational Therapy $2,703,947
Physical Therapy $2,152,816
Psychological $851,573
Service Coordination $0
Social Work $7,234
Speech Therapy $5,296,203
Transportation $332
Vision $5,240
Subtotal of amount under C: $17,474,154

D. Activities by Other State Agencies

If State agencies (other than the State lead agency) are to receive a portion of the Federal IDEA Part C funds and that amount is not already identified in Section III.C above, the State must include in this section:

  • The name of each State public agency expected to receive funds;
  • The approximate amount of funds each State public agency will receive; and
  • A summary of the purposes for which the funds will be used.

Not Applicable

E. Description of Optional Use of IDEA Part C Funds

In addition to using Federal IDEA Part C funds to maintain and implement the statewide system of early intervention, States may use funds for:

  • expanding and improving on services for infants and toddlers and their families that are otherwise available; and
  • initiating, expanding, or improving collaborative efforts related to at-risk infants and toddlers in any State that does not provide services for at-risk infants and toddlers. The application must include:
    • The name of the major activity;
    • The approximate amount of funds to be spent; and
    • A description of the activities.

Not Applicable

F. Totals

Enter the subtotal amounts for Sub Sections A-E found in Section III and any indirect costs charged as specified in Section IV.B. The subtotal amounts (Rows 1-6) should total the estimated grant application amount. (A State may apply for less than the full estimated allotted amount.)

Rows 1-5: Enter the subtotal amounts for Sub Sections A-E found in Section III of this application.

Row No. Section Amount
Enter the subtotal amounts for Sub Sections A-E found in Section III of this application.
1. III.A. $0
2. III.B. $0
3. III.C. $17,474,154
4. III.D. $0
5. III.E. $0
Enter any Indirect Costs to be Charged (See Section IV.B of this application.)
6. IVB. $0
Total (Rows 1-6) $17,474,154