WAG 07-02-22: Community Spouse Resource Allowance

PM 07-02-22

  1. Determine the Community Spouse Resource Allowance (CSRA) using the nonexempt resources shown on Determination of Resource Allowance form (HFS 3190). To exclude a nonexempt resource, it must be transferred to the community spouse or to another person for the sole benefit of the community spouse.
  2. Send the HFS 3190 with the notice of decision. The HFS 3190 informs each spouse:
    • of the amount of nonexempt resources the LTC spouse may transfer to the community spouse;
    • the LTC spouse may transfer personal effects, household goods, and one motor vehicle in addition to the CSRA; and
    • the LTC spouse is allowed one year from the month of application to make the transfer; verify whether the transfer was completed no later than the first scheduled redetermination after that year. 
  3. Record the diversion in IES.  Refer to wizard Record a Diversion for further instructions.

new manual material Example 1: Mr. G resides in a long term care facility. Mrs. G lives in their home in the community. Mr. G's resources are a $35,000 certificate of deposit. Mrs. G's resources are a $10,000 savings account.

Because Mrs. G's resources are below the community spouse resource allowance of  New text$129,084.00, Mr. G can transfer his resources to her to bring her up to the CSRA. In this case, Mr. G can transfer all his resources to Mrs. G without affecting eligibility. All the couple's resources ($35,000 + $10,000 = $45,000) are attributed to Mrs. G, so there are no available resources to affect Mr. G's eligibility.

Mr. G must transfer the resource to Mrs. G prior to the first redetermination in order for the $35,000 certificate of deposit to not be counted as an available resource.


Revised text Example 2: Using the same situation as above, Mr. G has a $170,000.00 Certificate of Deposit.  Mrs. G has a $20,000 certificate.  Subtracting Mrs. G's $20,000 from the $129,084.00 resource allowance leaves $109,084.00.  Mr. G can transfer $109,084 of his $170,00.00 certificate to Mrs. G, without affecting his eligibility.  Mr. G states that he intends to transfer this amount.  This leaves Mr. G $60,916.00 in nonexempt resources, which is more than the $17,500 resource disregard.  The LTC MFO office approves Mr. G's case with a resource reduction.

Mr. G must transfer the $109,084.00 to Mrs. G prior to the first redetermination to not be counted as an available resource.

Appeal of Community Spouse Resource Allowance (CSRA)

The annual standard applies unless a greater amount is required by a court order or the result of a fair hearing. Contact Healthcare and Family Services (HFS) Bureau of Medical Eligibility and Special Programs for further instructions on applying the CSRA increase due to a court order or FAD.