Application Requirements and Resources

The following are steps for completing an application for IDHS funding.

  1. Review the requirements for your grant:

    New Funding Opportunities: Review the Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO) for your grant proposal carefully. Most grants require some kind of narrative portion where you will answer questions specific to your proposal as well as a Uniform Application for State Grant Assistance (pdf), a budget and additional attachments such an Executive Summary or participating staff resumes. Some new funding opportunities may request or require a Letter of Intent. Grants also typically have specific and strict page limits and/or formatting requirements.

    Renewal or Non-Competitive Grant Funding: Information on renewal grant awards may be communicated to grantees via email and/or posted in the appropriate DHS Program Division grant page. Typically, renewal grantees submit an application form, a budget, a program plan or updated proposal, conflict of interest disclosure form and relevant program specific materials.

  2. Attend Q&A Sessions: IDHS divisions may provide a question/answer document or facilitate a session where potential grantees may ask questions about the grant opportunity. If offered, each division will provide information about the question/answer session in that division's Grant Information section. They also will provide an email contact you may reach out to with questions as well as a Q&A page that they will update regularly to reflect questions and answers from applicants. Renewal grants typically do not hold technical assistance sessions but may post updated information or commonly asked questions on their grant's webpage.
  3. Complete the uniform application for State grant assistance: A single, unified application form has been designed for use with all grants. It will be used by all entities applying for any grant with any state agency. You can download and complete the form by clicking Uniform Application for State Grant Assistance (pdf). You also may be able to download this form from your grant's NOFO page.
  4. Complete a Budget: Grant submissions must also include a budget. Key steps include:
    • Register for the Community Service Agreement (CSA) Tracking System. The system is used to submit your grant budgets, grant agreement documents, and signature pages. See notice of funding opportunity for specifics on budget submission requirements. If you are a new IDHS provider and/or have new staff that need CSA access, please follow the instructions in the Community Service Agreement (CSA) Tracking System User Manual. You will need an Invitation Key Code to submit your request for CSA access. Existing grantees should ensure current staff have access to enter the budget and signature authority.
    • Register for the Centralized Repository Vault (CRV). The CRV provides a centralized, secure website for businesses contracting with the State of Illinois to upload documentation at one time in one location for access by multiple participating state agencies. By registering in CRV at the same time you register the CSA you will make sure all of your information is aligned in both systems. You will need an Invitation Key Code to submit your request for CRV access. If you do not have an Invitation Key Code, email: This code can be used for multiple registrations for your organization. Please follow the instructions in the CRV User Manual. This should be done after responding to the CSA invitation key and before entering provider information into CSA.
    • Download the State of Illinois Uniform Grant Budget Template: There are downloadable budget forms which may be available on the divisions' grant information pages, but these are only available for budget preparation, not for submission. You will need to enter all budgets individually and directly into the CSA.
    • Develop your budget: Utilize the GATA Budget Template Training Manual to develop your budget for the CSA Tracking System using the standard budget form.
    • Submit your budget via IDHS's CSA system. Log into your CSA account using the credentials you have created. Please utilize the Training Manual for use of the GATA Budget Templates in the CSA Tracking System for additional information and instructions for submitting your budget in CSA. Please note:
      • Both Uniform (expenditure-based) budgets and Rate-based budgets are submitted via the CSA. There is a drop-down selection box on the Budget Template in the CSA system to select which type of budget you are submitting. The CSA system will tell the provider which budget template they are to complete. Most grants will use the expenditure-based budget template, but some will be rate-based.
      • * Budgets must be approved by your CEO/Executive Director or Chief Financial Officer (or equivalent) in CSA. Please ensure that this individual is a registered user in the CSA Tracking System prior to requesting approval rights.
  5. Review NOFO requirements and submit your grant application. NOFOs will provide a list of requirements that need to be met. Prior to submitting your grant application, please review for completeness and ensure all NOFO requirements have been met (ex. content, length, etc.). Utilize the submission instructions provided in the NOFO to submit your grant application. DHS staff will review and score your grant application to determine whether your organization will receive a grant award. Scoring criteria for the grant opportunity is provided in the NOFO.

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