PM 07-02-20-a: Verifying a Transfer of Resources or Income

WAG 07-02-20-a

If a person transfers resources or income within 60 months before application for medical assistance in a nursing home (NH) or SLF, or within 60 months before receiving or applying for DoA HCBS waiver services, verify:

  • the amount received for the resource or income;
  • the fair market value of the resource or income; and
  • whether the money received has been spent.

All LTC applicants and customers in community cases that move into LTC must report transfers of resources during the entire 60 month lookback period but, unless there is reason to require records and verifications for older transfers, it is customary and permissible to require detailed bank records and other documentation for only the 12 month period immediately prior to application.  Reasons to require more comprehensive documentation for the time frame between 12 months and 60 months before application include information provided on the HFS 3654 that suggests a nonallowable transfer or other information which raises concerns about possible nonallowable transfer of resources.

If the net value of all transfers is less than Deleted Infothe allowable transfer limit (see PM 07-02-20 for the resource transfer limit), determine whether the transfer was allowable and, if not, calculate the length of the penalty period. Document the reason for allowing or disallowing the transfer in the record.

If the net value of all transfers is more than Deleted Infothe allowable transfer limit (see PM 07-02-20 for the resource transfer limit), complete a referral packet containing all available information and documents related to the total transfer and send to HFS Long Term Care Asset Discovery Investigation (LTC-ADI) for review. 

If the FCRC discovers an unusually large transfer as a result of verifications received after a Form 267LTC has been sent for an application that was not initially referred to LTC-ADI, contact LTC-ADI to discuss possible referral at that time. Review by LTC-ADI in such circumstances will be on a case by case basis.