CESSA Technology, Systems Integration & Data Management Subcommittee Meeting - Approved Minutes 11/28/2022

CESSA Subcommittee for Technology, Systems Integration & Data Management (TSIDM) - November 28, 2022, 2:30 - 4:00 pm

Meeting Minutes - Approved by Members 12/19/2022

Subcommittee members: Brent Reynolds, Cindy Barbera-Brelle, David Albert (Designee-Lee Ann Reinert), Richard Manthy, Alice Cary, Jim Kaitschuk

Expert Consultant Group (ECG) members: Peter Eckart, Daniel Lee

Welcome and Call to Order

Meeting called to order at 2:34 pm by Brent Reynolds, Co-Chair

Meeting Logistics/OMA

  • Eckart confirmed that the meeting minutes are being taken but that the meeting is not being recorded.
  • Reynolds confirmed that OMA training is still requested for all members.

Roll Call and Approval of Minutes from TSIDM meeting on November 14, 2022

  • Members Present: Brent Reynolds, Richard Manthy, Jr., Jim Kaitschuk, Cindy Barbera-Brelle- Lee Ann Reinert joined mid-meeting.
  • Quorum established.
  • Expert Consulting Group Attendees Present: Daniel Lee, Peter Eckart, Matt Wells
  • Barbera-Brelle noted that her name was misspelled in the minutes and Eckart apologized and pledged to correct them
  • Barbera-Brelle motioned to accept the minutes, Manthy seconded.
  • Reynolds, yes; Kaitschuk, yes; Manthy, yes; Barbera-Brelle, yes
  • Minutes approved

Legislation revisions

  • Reynolds: Cindy suggested in a previous meeting that the legislation language is not realistic for 911
  • Manthy: the volume of calls received by the 988 centers and how many the transfer TO PSAPs
  • Manthy: perhaps we can add a 988 representative, ask them to present on what they have and what is realistic to provide
  • Eckart: let's ask PATH
  • Manthy: yes,
  • CBB: what data they are collecting today, and then what additional data needs to be colled
  • Man: if they know if it flows to the national hotline and then if there is a way to know what happens to those calls
  • Rey: I heard that it is possible that nothing changes, or that the date only is changed, or if there might be consideration of changes to legislation answers
  • R: for the data specific language, (5) is very broad
  • CBB: I think we want to it to be broad, so that the 988 and 9111s can talk about what is practical
  • Eckart: the specific language under (c) says that the system shall attempt
  • Manthy: is there a draft trailer bill out there?
  • Cindy: I don't know.
  • Eckart: IDK
  • Reynolds: Hopefully we'll have an answer by the next SAC meeting in two weeks.

Conversation regarding soliciting outside experts

  • Some of them from the SAC - the last two from Westchester County, and the Champaign UIUC police department
  • How they track the services they provide
  • Manthy: Amy Watson, recommend others across the country who are doing this work
  • Cindy: Dan's presentation,
  • Dan: happy to present a condensed version of
  • Rick: part of the 590 providers group, mostly northest part of the state
  • Brent: beneficial to pair them with 590.
  • Lee Ann: yes to PATH and also invite other LCCs. I will go back to our contract manager and ask. Community Health centers, public health department and traditional call center.
  • BR: should we invite them all?
  • Reinert: let's invite across the spectrum so that we have
  • Reynolds: we're talking about two things: speakers, expert consulting group, or members?
  • Others?
  • Reinert: should we hear about how the CARES lines operates and gets data? One reason is the Medicaid requirement is their risk assessment tool. We've invited HFS to participate.
  • Cindy: incident type codes, as early as 12/19

Returning to the CESSA legislation adjustments

  • Kaitschuk: haven't heard anything about adjusting the CESSA legislation in veto system.
  • Reinert: we requested a year extension request; they came back with six-month extension. If we got the extension, it would help with the confusion around CESSA.
  • Kaitschuk: Omnibus bill filed to extend CESSA July 1, house bill on its third bill in the senate, which means it can be done quickly. HB2406, senate 2
  • Reinert: DMH strategy is to split out the date extension and any other language change.
  • Reynolds: we may want to just have the data change, because the rest of that language is clear about the requirements that all other conditions still have to be met.

Motion to rescheduling the 12/12 meeting to 12/19

  • Moved by Manthy, seconded by Barbera-Brelle
  • Passed unanimously

Motion to cancel 12/26 meeting

  • Moved by Barbera-Brelle, seconded by Manthy
  • Passed unanimously

Public Comment

  • No members of the public seeking to speak

Motion to adjourn:

  • Barbera-Brelle moved, Manthy seconded
  • Passed unanimously