CESSA Statewide Advisory Committee Meeting Minutes 01/09/2023

Approved by Committee Members 02/06/2023

Community Emergency Services and Support Act (CESSA) Statewide Advisory Committee

Meeting Minutes - Monday, January 09, 2023 - 1:00-3:00 pm via WebEx

This meeting was recorded. 

  • The January SAC meeting was called to order by DHS Secretary Grace Hou at 1:02 p.m.
    • Members Present: Chris Huff, Curtis Harris, Erika L. Freeman, Pooja Nagpal, Shelley Dallas, Brent Reynolds, David Albert, Ashley Thoele, Drew Hansen, Richard Manthy, Alice Cary, Jim Kaitschuk, Blanca Campos, Emily Miller
    • Members Absent: Cindy Barbera-Brelle
  • Secretary Hou called for a motion to approve the November minutes as entered. A motion was made and seconded.
  • Lee Ann Reinert conducted the roll call of SAC membership. Simultaneously, committee members indicated their approval or not of the November minutes.
  • A quorum was established with thirteen of the fifteen SAC members present. The November minutes were approved.
  • State Updates:
    • On Friday, Illinois received the matrix report from Vibrant on the 988 call centers. DMH has serious concerns about the efficacy of this data received, as the data is inconsistent with internal data. Illinois has requested a meeting with Vibrant to discuss the validity of their data.
    • Responses to public comments/questions or comments/questions entered on the CESSA website will be addressed in the following SAC meeting.
      • Presenters' contact information will be provided in the agenda instead of including this in the PowerPoint Presentation slides.
      • RAC and SAC will have opportunity to critique and provide input into the NOFO for 590 consistent with the requirements of GOTA.
      • The list of 590 providers agencies is available on the DMH website.
      • There are no plans for the renewal of SAC or its bylaws. SAC will continue its work with the expectation of meeting the July 1, 2023, deadline.
      • Updates on RACs are posted on the DHS website. Transcripts are available on request.
      • CESSA 50 ILCS 754/30 (b) - Involuntary Commitment: there has been considerable concern and controversy about the language written into CESSA legislation. There are entities interested in seeking revisions to this language in the Spring session.
  • EMS Region Updates:
    • Region Advisory Committees' work is underway. Nine of the 11 RACs held their first meeting. Three RACs have held their second meeting.
    • UIC Crisis Hub is holding monthly meetings with RAC co/chairs.
      • Proposing agenda and structure for the 1st and 2nd meetings
      • Level setting done between systems in the 2nd meeting
      • Regions will be reporting back to the SAC as determined or requested by the planning body
      • Regions have been provided with a template to collect information and gage the work of each EMS Region
    • Questions:
      • Blanca Campos: Is the prohibition with involuntary commitment in effect now?
        • Response: It is currently in law.
      • Drew Hansen: There are people who have expressed interested in serving on a RAC but have not heard back. How do they become a member or receive feedback?
        • Response: The desire was to have a RAC slots filled by now. However, co-chairs are still working to fill specific vacancies. This is a work in progress. If a specific vacancy is available, the turnaround time to get the survey out can be done within a day.
      • Chris Huff: Are questions asked by the public after the SAC meeting ends answered?
        • Response: Yes.
      • Rick Mathey: If someone is interested in participating in a RAC should they contact the co-chairs. Is there a hard deadline to fill vacancies?
        • Response: Yes, co-chairs will alert their UIC liaison to release a survey (as an appropriate slot is available). RACs are trying to fill all vacancies ASAP.
  • Presentation by: Portland Bureau of Emergency Communications (BOEC) (Melanie Payne (melanie.payne@portlandoregon.gov), Training Manager and Mickie Reed (mickie.reed@portlandoregon.gov), Emergency Communication Supervisor) BOEC transfers lower risk suicidal callers who may not have a plan, methods or means
    • Questions:
      • Brent Reynolds: Please provide clarification on the implementation timeline?
        • Response: It was one year from start to rollout.
      • Chris Huff: What type of 'medical' indication would not be appropriate for transfer?
        • Response: Medical means the person has already taken drugs in contemplating suicide or has cut self or would require life support measures from the EMS system.
  • Sprint to July (Project Plan) - the aggressive timeline to get Region work accomplished by July 1, 2023. It includes a calendar of deliverables.
    • To accomplish this work within the limited amount of time now available would not allow technical work products to be returned to the SAC for review and approval.
    • Reminder on what this legislation says:
      1. the Statewide Committee has negotiated useful protocol and 9-1-1 operator script adjustments with the contracted services providing these tools to 9-1-1 PSAPs operating in Illinois;
      2. the appropriate Regional Advisory Committee has completed design of the specific 9-1-1 PSAP's process for coordinating activities with the mobile mental and behavioral health service; and
      3. the mobile mental and behavioral health service is available in their jurisdiction.

Possible Solutions:

    • Solution 1: Since the membership of the Technical Subcommittee is virtually a smaller cohort of the larger SAC body, AND, all members of the SAC are encouraged to formally join the Subcommittees, work products of the Subcommittees can be forwarded directly to the Regions, after a vote for approval within the Committee, with report outs to the larger group at the scheduled meetings. (Amendment the Charter may be necessary).
    • Solution 2: Ask the SAC co-chairs to meet more frequently and as necessary to approve work products of the Subcommittees prior to forwarding to the Regions. (No change in Charter necessary)
    • Other solutions?
  • Discussion:
    • Brent Reynolds: Solution #1 option - It is important to note that achieving certification for 911 workers has spanned for 20 years. When looking at less than 6 months to modify the 911 system in a rush way is concerning. We are potentially putting folks in a worse position. "Work and do not cause harm!"
    • Rick Mathey: If needed I will make a motion to amend the Charter - Motion for Solution #1.
    • Note: The Deliverables are guidepost to try to meet the July 1, 2023, timeline. It is not anticipated that all Regions will be at the same place at the same time.
    • Drew Hansen: I echo support for Solution #1 - change the charter. "The true focus is to the people that we serve."
    • Chris Huff: I thought that there was a restriction on the number of Subcommittees that SAC members could serve.
    • Response: There is no restriction
    • Call for a Vote:
      • Motion - Should the SAC move to change the Charter, adoption of solution #1 - so that work production can continue to meet the Sprint to July 1, 2023? Motion was seconded.
      • Roll call - Motion carried with Solution #1
  • Subcommittee Reports
    • Protocol and Standards - Lorrie Jones
      • Committee has been extremely active
      • Developed a 3-tier risk matrix
      • Developing a Tool Kit for Regions
      • Deciding on a structural process for EMS Regions
    • Technical Data - Brent Reynolds
      • Working to identify best ways to collect data
      • Looking to bring in outside experts to talk about how they collect data
      • Engage in the sprint to July discussion in more detail
    • Communications - Allison Brown
      • Focus on identifying key stakeholders and local constituencies - discussed pros and cons of using mass mailing list to disseminate the message
      • Focus to identify local media outlets -work with DHS Communications to implement CESSA marketing
      • Ensure clear, accurate information to disseminate broadly -ensure consistency of communication across all media - preparing myth busters documents to address misinformation
      • Provide guidance for information sharing when transferring calls from 911 to 988 and 988 to MCRT
  • Alternate date needed for February SAC - The February 13, 2023, date is a state holiday. CESSA will send out a poll survey with two suggested dates for the February SAC meeting.
  • Public Comment
    • Nicholas: I have been monitoring the work of SAC. I see where work has been done. I am concerned about the EMS side. CESSA legislation is to remove Law Enforcement from response. It is fundamental to the work of EMS that we do not enter a scene if it is not secure - that being done by LE.
  • The meeting was adjourned at 2:44 p.m. by DHS Secretary Grace Hou