PM 07-02-04-b: Non-homestead Property

WAG 07-02-04-b

Non-homestead property is nonexempt, and is all real property that is not the Revised textcustomer's homestead.

Use the equity value of a Revised textcustomer's non-homestead real property when figuring initial and ongoing eligibility. For cash cases, when the equity value of non-homestead property and all other nonexempt Revised textresources exceeds the Revised textresource limit:

  • SWAP the case to Medical, and
  • enroll it in spenddown if otherwise eligible.

For Medical cases, enroll the case in spenddown.

Do not consider the equity value of property if the person:

  • Deleted text
  • Owns only a fractional interest in property of small value and would suffer a substantial loss from the sale of their interest; or
  • Lists the property for sale with a reputable local realtor. Allow the Revised textcustomer 6 months to find a buyer. During this 6-month period the property does not affect Cash or Medical eligibility.

If the property remains unsold after 6 months but continues to be listed for sale with a reputable local realtor New textand the FCRC believes an extension should be granted, refer Revised textcash cases to the Revised textBureau of Program and Performance Management. The Revised textBureau determines if an extension of the period to find a buyer is warranted. If the Revised textBureau of Program and Performance Management does not grant an extension, consider the equity value of the property as a nonexempt Revised textresource. New textRefer medical cases to the Bureau of Medical Eligibility and Special Programs (BMESP; "HFS Policy") by completing and submitting a Request for Specific Case Guidance (IL 444-2150).