PM 07-02-04: Real Property

WAG 07-02-04

Real property is land and generally whatever is built on it (such as buildings) or growing on it. Legal and equitable interest in real property includes interest in coal, oil, gas, and other mineral rights. Real property includes both homestead and non-homestead property.

Mobile homes are real property when classified as such for tax purposes.

Verify and record in the case record the extent of a client's interest in real property.

Except for mobile homes, HFS files and maintains a lien against all real property owned by:

  • an AABD Cash client, or
  • an AABD Medical client who has resided in one or more long term care facilities for at least 120 calendar days.

See PM 23-09-01 for information about liens.

New Text.The Asset Verification System (AVS) provides real property data for Illinois Medicaid Aid to the Aged, Blind or Disabled (AABD) Community and Long-Term Care (LTC) clients. Real Property results are displayed on the AVS Report and include verification of up to 60 months of property ownership, address(es) of property, assessed and market values, purchase date, and purchase price. AVS also includes the sale dates, ownership and type of deed associated with the sale of any properties within the last 60 months. Verification of real property is included in the AVS report.

AVS search results contain the following eligibility factors for real property:

  • Address of property;
  • Date of transfer;
  • Value of property;
  • Sale price; and
  • Owner name.

New Text.Note: Refer to PM/WAG 02-07-03-n for AVS guidance.