PM 07-02-01: Asset Limits

WAG 07-02-01

revised textEffective 05/12/2023, the asset limit for Medical cases is $17,500. This applies whether one person or more is in a household. There is no longer an increased standard based on household size for AABD medical cases.

revised textThe resource limit for AABD Cash is below. This is also the AABD resource limit prior to 05/12/2023.

  • one person - $2,000;
  • 2 persons - $3,000; and
  • 3 or more persons - $3,000 for the first 2 people, plus $50 for each additional person.

The resource limit can include cash and/or a nonliquid nonexempt resources. For example, the cash value of a nonexempt life insurance policy can be part of the asset limit.

Eligibility for AABD cash does not exist when nonexempt resources exceed the resource limit. If nonexempt resources exceed the limit on the date eligibility is determined, deny the cash request and review eligibility for medical. For active cases, when resources exceed the limit cancel cash EDG.

For Community Medical cases, when the total value of nonexempt resources exceeds the resource limit and all other eligibility factors are met, enroll the person in spenddown.