IDHS-DEC Home Visiting (24-444-84-2888-01)

FY24 Continuation Application CSFA #444-84-2888

Continuation Application Due Date 5/3/2023

A. Program Description

  • The IDHS-DEC Home Visiting Program supports pregnant people and parents with young children ages 0-5 who live in communities that face greater risks and barriers to achieving positive maternal and child health outcomes. Families choose to participate in home visiting programs, and partner with health, social service, and child development professionals to set and achieve goals that improve their health and well-being. Service providers use one of the following four evidence-based home visiting models: Early Head Start Home-Based (EHS), Healthy Families America (HFA), Nurse-Family Partnership (NFP), and Parents as Teachers (PAT).

B. FY24 Continuation Application

  • Current Providers will receive a continuation application packet via email. Providers may request additional copies of the continuation application by sending an email to
    • 1. This continuation application is for Fiscal Year 2024 funding for IDHS-DEC Home Visiting (CSFA #444-84-2888)
      • a. Eligibility is limited to current IDHS-DEC HV providers funded under CSFA# 23-444-84-2888.
      • b. Each applicant must be registered in the Illinois GATA Grantee Portal and must continue to be GATA Pre-Qualified.
      • c. Applicant organizations must complete the FY24 ICQ before an award can be made. (Accessed through the Grantee Portal.) If the FY24 ICQ is not available in the Grantee Portal prior to the application due date, grantees should submit their application without the ICQ and will be notified when it becomes available.
      • d. Applicant organizations must submit a complete FY24 Application Packet to by the due date listed in the continuation application. Include the organization's name and the last 4 digits in the subject line (for example, 2888 Hope Agency).
    • 2. A complete application packet includes:

Summary Information

Awarding Agency Name Illinois Department of Human Services
Awarding Division Name Division of Early Childhood
Agency Contact
Announcement Type Non-Competitive
Funding Opportunity Title IDHS-DEC Home Visiting Program
Funding Opportunity Number 24-444-84-2888-01
Application Posting Date 03/31/2023
Application Closing Date 5/03/2023
Catalog of State Financial Assistance (CSFA) Number 444-84-2888
Catalog of State Financial Assistance (CSFA) Popular Name IDHS-DEC Home Visiting
Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance (CFDA) Number(s) N/A