Illinois Mental Health Planning and Advising Council Meeting-Minutes 09/01/2022

Illinois Mental Health Planning and Advising Council Meeting Minutes

(approved by Members 11/03/2022)

September 1st, 2022 - 12:30pm

Co-Chair: Sue Schroeder

Attendees: Shirley Davis, Tracy Meinert, Lee Ann Reinert, Lisa Betz, Irwin Kerzner, Joan Lodge, Laura Gerber, Michelle Churchey-Mims, Patty Johnstone, Sue Schroeder, Emily LeFew, Megan Miller-Atang, Ryan Rollinson, Ray Connor, Kim Rabideau, Mike Davis, Nanette Larson, David Albert, Chris OHara, May Starin, Jacob Meeks, Tony Ohlhausen, Erin Grima, Mike Davis, Sideny Weissman, Dennis Hopkins, Jennifer McGowan-Tomke, Joan Hartman, Courtney Aidich, Matt Christensen, Sarah Scruggs

  • Call to Order/Introductions: (Sue Schroeder) Meeting called to order.
  • Approval of July 2022 Minutes: (All) Approved.
  • Division of Mental Health Report: (Lee Ann Reinert, Nanette Larson, Ryan Rollinson, Lisa Betz)
    • The mini plan for the next fiscal year was completed on August 31st, 2022. July minutes from this meeting were provided.
    • The need for IMPHAC members to complete required OneNet trainings was emphasized.
    • The OneNet Diversity Equity and Inclusion training was praised.
    • The 988 transition occurred in July of 2022. The Lifeline number is being utilized by all Illinois counites and being routed effectively. Ways to increase capacity are being researched. Clarification on the history of 988 and its coverage was provided.
    • CESSA committees are being appointed and staffed for Illinois regions. This process has been time consuming due to multiple contract requirements and review protocols. There are currently 4 subcommittees (statewide) that are also being filled.
    • Mobile Crisis Response Team assessments continue. About a 3rd of the capacity has been filled, another 3rd on track to be filled, and another 3rd that is in the process of building readiness.
    • The Region 5 MHP Recovery Support position has been filled by Christina Ancira.
    • The DMH CRSS competency training has been completed for the summer of 2022. There was a 22% increase in training over last year.
    • CRSS Success Programs are also being provided by 11 various college programs across the state.
    • Barriers to The Healthcare Worker Registry are being researched.
    • Minimizing barriers for services to participants of consent decrees are being addressed. New providers are being identified to take on new participants. There has been a decrease in the MCO waitlist for both Willams and Colbert consent decrees.
  • Committee Reports:
    • C&A (Michelle Churchey-Mims): The next meeting will be held on September 16th @ 12:30. More information can be found on the DMH website.
    • Development Committee (Ron Melka, Irwin Kerzner): John Fallon will be resigning his position on the council. New candidates are being researched. Several other positions will be open for reinstatement soon. Representatives from across the state are welcome to apply. Ray Connor was nominated and approved to be appointed the new co-chair for the council. A survey of 43 council members was recently completed to determine the council member composition, including age, race, location, employment status and education levels. Benchmarks for diversity of membership composition was suggested. OneNet DEIRJ training was recommended.
    • Adult Inpatient (Kim Rabideau): Respite resources for youth in crisis were discussed in the last Adult Inpatient Committee meeting.
  • HFS Report (Kristine Herman not able to attend but sent the following update): The Pathways to Success program is in the implementation phase. HFS has received approval for the 1915(i) State Plan Amendment from federal CMS as well as approval of the state administrative Rule 141, which should be published tomorrow. HFS has selected Care Coordination and Support Organizations to provide enhanced care coordination services to youth who are eligible for Pathways to Success. Over the next four months, providers will be hiring staff and will ensure that they are trained in the Pathways to Success services, and we are anticipating that youth will start being served in this program in January 2023.
  • New Business (Amy Starin): Youth resources are being expanded. In the last committee meeting, it was proposed that family therapy rates be increased 20% over individual therapy rates. It was motioned that IMPHAC pass this increase. The motion was passed with 4 abstaining.
  • Public Comment/ Q&A:
  • (Ray Connor) The Governor's Behavioral Health Program was praised. It was suggested that the council educate themselves on the project before the next IMPHAC meeting and that it possibly be added to the next IMPHAC meeting agenda.
  • Next Council meeting: November of 2022.
  • Motion to adjourn: (All say Aye) Meeting adjourned.