CESSA Technology, Systems Integration & Data Management Subcommittee Meeting - Approved Minutes 10/31/2022

CESSA Subcommittee for Technology, Systems Integration & Data Management (TSIDM) October 31, 2022, 2:30 - 4:00 pm

Meeting Minutes - Approved by Members 11/14/2022

Subcommittee members: Brent Reynolds, Cindy Barbera-Brelle, David Albert (Designee-Lee Ann Reinert), Richard Manthy, Alice Cary, Jim Kaitschuk

Expert Consultant Group (ECG) members: Peter Eckart, Daniel Lee

  • Welcome and Call to Order
    • Meeting called to order at 2:32 pm by Brent Reynolds, Co-Chair
  • Meeting Logistics/OMA
  • Eckart confirmed that the meeting minutes are being taken but that the meeting is not being recorded.
  • Eckart confirmed that OMA training is still requested for all members.
  • Roll Call and Approval of Minutes from TSIDM meeting on October 17, 2022
  • Member Attendees Present: Brent Reynolds, Lee Ann Reinert (David Albert designee), Richard Manthy, Jr., Jim Kaitschuk, Cindy Barbera-Brelle
  • With five of seven members present, a quorum is established.
  • Expert Consulting Group Attendees Present: Daniel Lee, Brenda Hampton
  • Motion to approve the minutes from the previous meeting was made by Manthy and seconded by Kaitschuk and passed unanimously.
  • Discussion regarding data needs and collection
  • Opened with Daniel Lee responding to a question that had been posed in the previous meeting regarding the degree to which EMS calls are focused on mental health crises only, and do not also include co-occurring conditions.
  • Information from Lee on the slide:
    • Here is my response to today's request for information from a member of the subcommittee:
    • Of the 228,998 EMS 911 responses reported for the time interval 10/1/2021 through 9/30/2022 that meet the Mental Health Syndrome criteria
    • 87,109, or 38%, meet the Mental Health Syndrome criteria only;
    • 89,309, or 39%, also meet the criteria for another mental-health-related syndrome (i.e., one involving substance use/overdose, self-harm, or suicide risk) but not for a non-mental-health-related syndrome; and
    • 52,670, or 23%, also meet the criteria for a non-mental-health-related syndrome (e.g., neurological, fall, firearm injury, chest pain, stroke, sepsis...) but not for any mental-health-related syndrome except for the Mental Health Syndrome itself.
    • There were 1,822,077 total calls during this twelve-month period, and the 38% is about 4.8% of that number. Of the total calls, 1,384,393 were 911 responses, and the 38% is about 6.3 percent of that number.
  • Kaitschuk asked if this information was available at the time of the dispatch, and Lee responded that it was more likely identified in the EMS system after the fact.
  • The following member discussion focused on the fact that dispatchers had little time to gather the information that informs a dispatch decision.
  • Reynolds suggested that was a function of the questions that 911 operators currently have at their disposal as a part of the scripts, and if there were different questions, it would enable different dispatch decisions.
  • The conversation returned to the previous meeting's discussion of what data is available and how to can be accessed.
  • It isn't known what data is stored by 911, especially regarding calls to 988 Lifeline Call Centers.
  • There also is no current information regarding the transfers of calls between 988 and the mobile Crisis Response teams, since those relationships are still evolving and the systems used by PSAPs, Lifeline Call Centers and Mobile Crisis Response Teams are diverse and heterogeneous.
  • For the next meeting, we should look at the legislation and try to understand if there is more guidance there regarding data.
  • State Updates
    • Next SAC, Subcommittees
    • RAC co-chairs approved for de facto membership on Expert Consultant Group
    • RACS appointed and starting to meet
  • Wrap Up
    • Next agenda will include a review of the CESSA legislation for more guidance and more discussion about the Subcommittee responsibilities
  • Public Comment
  • Adjournment