WAG 03-23-05: Fugitive Felons and Probation/Parole Violators (Cash, SNAP)

PM 03-23-05

Deny ineligible cash and SNAP applications with TAR A2.

For TANF: Include the income of the ineligible adult for initial and ongoing eligibility determinations. For instructions on budgeting the income of an ineligible parent for cash, see PM 10-04-01. For SNAP, do not include the ineligible person in Item 23.  Enter a 4 in Item 15 and a code 04 or 54 in Item 64.

At Intake: If only children remain eligible for cash, approve an RPY case and enter Code 2 in Item 28. Set up a separate case for the adult if eligible for medical.

Active Case: To remove an ineligible adult from cash in an active case, use TA 31 TAR 65 and code Item 78 with a 3. If there is only one adult, compute the cash benefit amount without the ineligible adult, as a child-only case. If the adult is the only member of an active cash unit, swap to medical assistance using TA 81/82 and TAR 44. Enter Code 00 in Item 39 to centrally mail Form 157.

For AABD Cash, use TA 81/82 and TAR 68 to swap an active case to medical assistance only. Enter Code 00 in Item 39 to centrally mail Form 157.

For SNAP: 

Active SNAP Case Still Eligible

Remove the ineligible felon/parolee/probation violator from the SNAP unit. Count the ineligible person's income and assets. See PM 05-03-00.

  • Use TA 31/TAR 65 to remove the ineligible person from the SNAP unit and budget their income.  Use TA 34/TAR 26 to remove a component member from a cash or medical SNAP case. 
  • Enter code 4 in Item 15.
  • Reduce the number in the SNAP unit by one in Item 23.
  • Enter 04 or 54 in Item 64. 

    Note: If the ineligible felon/parolee/probation violator is the head of the SNAP unit, enter RPY in Item 8. The ineligible person may remain as head of the SNAP unit. Continue to count the ineligible person's income and assets.

  •  Enter Code 00 in Item 39 to centrally mail Form 157.

SNAP Case No longer Eligible

  • If the only member of a Category 08 case is a fleeing/fugitive felon or a probation/parole violator, cancel the case using TA 22 and TAR 17.
  •  Enter Code 00 in Item 39 to centrally mail Form 157.

New TextApplication Processing and IES

New TextWhen IES Phase 2 is implemented, FCRC's will use IES to process this information. The felon/probation/parole question is located in Data Collection/Individual Information/Individual demographics/Record Conviction/rehabilitation.

  • New TextIf a customer meets the conditions for being a fugitive felon or violator of probation/parole, answer the individual demographics question "Yes".
  • New TextSNAP applications must be processed within the normal 30-day processing time frame. If verification of fleeing felon or probation/parole violation status has not been verified by day 30, the worker must answer "No", the customer is not a fleeing felon or probation/parole violator, then determine eligibility.
  • New TextIf this question is not answered, the field defaults to no, which may result in an error if is not answered accurately by the worker.

For more information on how to complete this screen, see the Record Conviction/Rehabilitation Wizard.