PM 03-23-04: Convicted of Misrepresenting an Address (Cash, SNAP)

WAG 03-23-04.

A person convicted in a state or federal court of misrepresenting an address in 2 or more states to receive cash, SNAP, medical, or SSI assistance is ineligible for AABD Cash text revisedand TANF for a 10-year period starting with the date of the conviction. This applies to persons convicted on or after 08/22/96. For TANF, apply this policy after 07/01/97.

For SNAP, a person is ineligible for 10 years if:

  • an administrative disqualification hearing or court convicts them, on or after 08/22/96 of making a false statement or representation about their identify or residence; and
  • as a result they received more than one SNAP issuance at the same time (see PM 23-06-03).