WAG 03-23-03: Convicted of Drug-Related Felony other than Class X or Class 1 (Cash)

PM 03-23-03

If the conviction date is less than 2 years ago, determine if the person is currently participating in a treatment program, is in an aftercare program, or has completed drug treatment/aftercare. If it has been more than 2 years since conviction, or if the client is participating in a treatment program, or has completed a treatment program, the client is eligible.

If the person is not eligible, place an entry in the case record to document that client is ineligible for cash for a 2-year period after conviction, or until a treatment program has been completed.

Deny cash applications with TAR F9. Determine eligibility for Medical and FS assistance.

For TANF: Compute the cash benefit amount without the ineligible adult. Include the income and assets of the ineligible adult for initial and ongoing eligbility determinations. For instructions on budgeting the income of an ineligible parent for cash, see PM 10-04-01.

At Intake: If only children remain eligible for cash, approve an RPY case and enter Code 2 in Item 28. Set up a separate case for the adult if eligible for medical.

Active case: To remove an ineligible adult from cash in an active case, use TA 31 TAR 59 to code Item 78 as a 3. If the adult is the only member in a cash unit, swap to medical assistance using TA 81/82 and TAR 25. Enter Code 00 in Item 39 to centrally mail Form 157. Continue food stamps as appropriate.

For AABD Cash: use TA 81/82 and TAR 30 to swap an active case to medical assistance only. Enter Code 00 in Item 39 to centrally mail Form 157. Continue FS as appropriate.

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