WAG 03-22-04-c: Sanctions In Effect More Than 3 Months

PM 03-22-04-c.

  1. (System) Levels 1 and 2: After 3 months of a 50% sanction, the system uses TA 32/TAR 15 to enter zero grant reason C and place the TANF case into zero grant for the 4th month.
  2. (System) Sends Form 157C with the following message:
    • You have been sanctioned for 3 months. You must cooperate with program requirements to qualify for cash benefits again.
    • NOTE: A case with a level 1 or 2 sanction that is already in zero grant status (due to budgeted income) does not get a notice.
  3. (System) All levels: Sends a batch exception message to the Family Community Resource Center that says "Sanctioned over 3 months. SWAP case to MANG."
  4. (FCRC) SWAP the TANF Cash case to Medical using TA 81 or TA 82 and TAR 48. Delete the PPSA indicator.
  5. (FCRC) When the Family Community Resource Center receives a notice from the social service agency that the client has cooperated, SWAP the Medical case back to TANF Cash, if otherwise eligible. Restore cash benefits as of the month of compliance shown on Form 541A. A Request for Financial Assistance (Form 2905) is not needed for the SWAP.