PM 03-22-04-b: Removing a Sanction

WAG 03-22-04-b.

Depending on local agreements, either the community agency or the school notifies the Family Community Resource Center when the family is meeting the school's definition of regular school attendance. The Family Community Resource Center immediately changes the sanction code to show cooperation. The sanction penalty ends as follows:

  • Level 1: Restore cash benefits for the fiscal month that corresponds to the calendar month of regular school attendance.
  • Levels 2 & 3: Restore cash benefits for the 4th month of the sanction period or the month of regular school attendance, whichever is later.

NOTE: If the case also has a sanction for noncooperation with child support and/or the activity requirement, continue to reduce benefits due to the other sanction(s). Change the reason for the SAI sanction and let the system adjust the benefit level. Issue a Mercury payment, when needed.

Except for cases with children who are enrolled in year-round schools, all School Attendance Initiative sanctions are centrally lifted in June each year. The protective payee indicator is not centrally removed. When school resumes in the fall, the social service agency may inform you to impose a sanction immediately if the child again misses school regularly and protective payment continued through the summer months.