WAG 03-19-04: Agreeing to Cooperate

PM 03-19-04.

Authorize medical eligibility when the person agrees to cooperate and meets the requirement that caused them to lose their eligibility. The person's medical eligibility starts the first day of the month that they agreed to cooperate. Do not start medical until the person actually cooperates.

Cash Cases

Complete Form 552:

Items 2,6 -Complete
Item 3 -Enter 31
Item 33 -Enter 62
Item 44 -Complete
Item 77 -Enter the 6-digit date the adult becomes eligible for medical
Item 78 -Delete 4 and enter a dash.

NOTE: See PM 17-02-05-a for backdating medical eligibility. For persons who have now cooperated with DCSE, see WAG 24-04-08.

Medical Cases

For active Medical cases, add the cooperating adult who was deleted from the case. See WAG 25-07-09-f for instructions on how to add the person. If the adult is the payee for the case, remove the RPY indicator from Form 552 Item 8.

For adult-only cases denied or canceled for failure to cooperate, the person must reapply.

  • For denied applications, if the person cooperates with medical support policy, medical can be backdated up to 3 months once the client has cooperated.
  • For active cases, start medical when the client cooperates. Medical cannot be backdated for any month before the month the person actually cooperated.