WAG 06-26-05-a Case Changes

PM 06-26-05-a

Becoming Ineligible for Family Planning Example: Customer reports a job change in which their monthly income now exceeds the Family Planning standard income limit.  Caseworker adds new job and income to customer's case in IES through case change.  Customer's Family Planning case will end the next effective month.

Becoming Eligible for Full Medical Coverage Example: Customer has an active Family Planning only case due to being over income at time of application.  Customer calls FCRC to report a loss of income which makes customer eligible for full medical coverage.  Caseworker informs the customer that they must submit a new application requesting full medical benefits in order for a determination to be made.

Reporting a Pregnancy on a Family Planning Case Example: Customer has an active Family Planning case.  Customer called to inform agency that they are now pregnant. Caseworker adds pregnancy to case through Case Change.  Family Planning coverage does not end. Caseworker informs customer if they would like to be determined for full coverage they must submit an application requesting health coverage. If customer is found eligible and receives full coverage, Family Planning coverage will end the next effective month.