CESSA Technology, Systems Integration & Data Management Subcommittee Meeting - Approved Minutes 09/26/2022

CESSA Subcommittee for Technology, Systems Integration & Data Management (TSIDM) - September 26, 2022, 2:30 - 4:00 pm

Meeting Minutes - Approved by Members 10/17/2022

Subcommittee members: Brent Reynolds, Cindy Barbera-Brelle, David Albert (Designee-Lee Ann Reinert), Richard Manthy

Expert Consultant Group (ECG) members: Kristine Herman/Kristen Kennedy, Peter Eckart, Daniel Lee

  1. Welcome and Call to Order
    • The meeting came to order at 2:33pm, chaired by Peter Eckart.
    • Roll call:
      • Subcommittee members: Brent Reynolds, Cindy Barbera-Brelle, Richard Manthy
      • Expert Consultant Group members: Peter Eckart, Daniel Lee
      • DMH staff: Courtney Aidich
  2. Meeting Logistics/OMA
    • Eckart reminded all present that this meeting is subject to the Illinois Open Meetings Act (OMA), and that all members are expected to complete OMA training.
  3. Consideration of charter/plan for TSIDM SC
    • Eckart presented a draft "charter" that describes the responsibilities and deliverables of the Subcommittee and governs the meeting processes, and made three recommendations:
      • that the Subcommittee charter follow the same general structure as the CESSA Statewide Advisory Committee (SAC) structure
      • that the Subcommittee make decisions following the process outlined in the CESSA SAC charter (by consensus, if possible, decision by majority vote if not)
      • that public comment, as mandated by the OMA, be scheduled for the last half-hour of the meeting
    • Eckart asked for a volunteer to act as Chair of the Subcommittee, and it was agreed that no Chair would be appointed, and instead, setting the agenda for the next meeting would occur at the end of the current meeting
    • Discussion of the Subcommittee Responsibilities and Deliverables
      • How is Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) and law enforcement (LE) data currently gathered, and what answers are we seeking? Some PSAPs have data collection built in, while others don't.
      • Some systems track suicide and mental health, such as suicide calls, and transfers to and from law enforcement. Response time data is harder to get.
      • There are lots of things that we could be tracking; what do we think we want?
      • Let's look at the lists, see if that data exists, and then how to get it.
      • What questions do we want to answer? What data do we need? Who will collect, maintain it, and use it?
      • How do we organize the data between the PSAPS and the Lifeline Call Centers (LCCs)?
      • IDPH has a robust Emergency Management System database that we could review in the next meeting (maintained by ECG member Dan Lee)
      • Does the same thing exist for PSAP / LE data? Police and PSAP data may not be as robust as the EMS data.
      • What do we mean by "mental health" data?
      • Can we get additional participation from law enforcement members of the SAC?
    • Group members agreed by consensus to an every-two-week's meeting cadence.
    • Barbera-Brelle motioned to approve these recommendations for the charter, Reynolds seconded, and it passed by acclimation.
  4. Review of SAC meeting on September 12, 2022, and relevance for the TISDM SC
    • This discussion was included in the discussion above.
  5. Setting the schedule for dates for October and November meetings
    • The next meeting was set at 10/17 (because of a conflict to a previously scheduled CESSA meeting)
    • The agenda for the next meeting was agreed to include:
      • Discussion: What data do we need and how do we get it?
      • Discussion: what data requirements are described in the CESSA legislation?
      • Presentation: Dan Lee on the IDPH Pre-hospital data set
  6. State Updates
    • There were no state updates.
  7. Public Comment
    • Matt Fishback: Does the state collect data separate from what is collected by Vibrant? Can we review Vibrant's data for Illinois?
  8. Adjournment