HCBS Settings Countdown: 177 days

HCBS Settings Compliance Countdown: 177 days

Compliance Action Plan (CAP) Reminder

Thank you to all who have been so responsive to CAP requests. DDD is working quickly to get out CAPs so providers have time to respond and address compliance issues.

As a reminder, DDD will email a provider a CAP for a specific site. This CAP will include a column that will identify any specific compliance issues. The provider will need to decide what they will do to address a compliance issue and record it on the CAP, returning the CAP back to DDD within 14 days with what they will be doing. Then the provider needs to implement the changes they outlined and send the CAP back within 60 days indicating that they have completed these changes. Providers should NOT include evidence of the changes/activities when they return the finalized CAP. However, providers should be prepared to present evidence upon request of DDD and when ongoing compliance begins after March 2023. DDD anticipates performing quality assurance throughout the fall and into winter, requesting evidence of CAP implementation to a sample of sites.

If you have not yet received a CAP, but would like to review the materials, check out:

Provider Attestation Released: Please Complete by October 14, 2022

As has been discussed previously, ALL providers with provider controlled sites must attest that they have implemented the HCBS settings residency agreement and lockable doors requirements per the information bulletins, as well as indicate that they will follow the new modification process through the updated Person Centered Planning process. Here is the attestation online. It will take less than a minute to complete, just requiring the provider to input contact information and check three boxes. We need all providers with provider controlled sites to attest ONLY ONCE that you are complying at all sites. You can email DHS.HCBS@illinois.gov with questions.

Reminder: Office Hours Focused on Best Practices and CAPs

As the DDD works to send validation letters and (CAPs), the following office hours are being offered on specific components of the HCBS Settings Rule Compliance. Please bring your questions, concerns, and best practices to share. For ease, the office hours have been assigned a specific topic and area of compliance.

Join from the meeting link (same for all meetings)

Tuesday/Thursday 10:00-11:00 AM CT

  • Sept 20 - Community access (1): Recording link:
  • Sept 22 - Privacy, dignity and respect, freedom from coercion and restraint (3)
  • Sept 27 - Visitors (including discussion of 4c choices with whom to interact) (7)
  • Sept 29 - Provider controlled issues surrounding home setting (privacy, locked doors, roommates, furnish & decorate) (10)
  • Oct 4 - Freedom to control schedule and activities (including discussion of 4a choices of daily activities) (4, 6)
  • Oct 6 - Physical accessibility of sites (including discussion of 4b physical accessibility) (4, 8)
  • Oct 11 - Choices of supports and who providers them (5)
  • Oct 13 - Residential Agreements (9)
  • Oct 18 - Modifications (11)

( ) - Indicates the specific HCBS Settings compliance area as reflected in the tool and the CAPs.