WAG 03-15-09-b: Ending a Sanction When the Period Ends

PM 03-15-09-b.

Example of Adding a Person When the Sanction Ends

revised manual textExample: The SNAP household consists of Ms. S and her 2 children, ages 16 and 17. Ms. S was sanctioned starting in June for 3 months because she quit a job. Notice of Decision (Form IL444-0360c)  was sent notifying Ms. S of the 3-month sanction. Ms. S requested to be added back to SNAP in October when she filed an SNAP REDE. The Family Community Resource Center added Ms. S back to the case effective October. 

SNAP Sanctions for Customers Who Receive TANF

When a TANF case is sanctioned due to a noncompliance with a work and training requirement, the noncooperating person who caused the sanction is also disqualifed from receiving SNAP for the entire 3-months, even if the TANF sanction is lifted or revised manual textthe person is only receiving medical.  The SNAP sanction period does not end early if the person complies before the sanction ends.

revised manual textExample: Emily and her child D, age 6, receive TANF and SNAP. Emily is assigned to a TANF work and training activity, but will not cooperate with the activity requirements. Her TANF case is sanctioned at Level 1 (March, April, May). Because Emily is sanctioned for TANF, she is also sanctioned for SNAP for 3-months. Emily agrees to cooperate with her TANF requirement in April and her cash benefits are restored. The SNAP sanction continues through the end of May. Emily is eligible to receive SNAP effective June and must request to be added back to the SNAP household for benefits.

deleted manual textNo Compliance with TANF Sanction/ 3-Month SNAP Sanction Period Overrevised manual text

If a TANF work and training sanction has not been lifted, but the customer has served the full length of the 3-month SNAP sanction, they may request to be added back to the SNAP household for benefits.