Person Centered Planning

  1. Course Overview
    1. Attendance Requirements
    2. Upcoming Training Schedule and Registration
    3. Continuing Education Credits
    4. Registration Confirmation
    5. Registration Cancelation
    6. Training Canceled or Rescheduled
    7. Certificate of Attendance

Course Overview

This course is designed to prepare train the participant on the Person Centered Planning process in Illinois.

Providers use a person-centered planning approach to listen, discover and understand each person as an individual.  It is a process directed by the person to help providers learn how they want to live, and describes what supports are needed to help him or her move toward a life they consider meaningful and productive.  

The planning process empowers the person by building on his or her specific abilities and skills, building a quality lifestyle that supports him or her to find ways to contribute to the community. 

Other factors which impact the person's life, such as health and wellness, are also considered during the planning process.  Person-centered planning is the foundation upon which the person's Personal Plan is developed.

Attendance Requirements

The attendee must be present for the entire training.

Upcoming Training Schedule and Registration

Course Date Course Time Link to Register
November 14, 2023 1 pm - 3 pm Registration for November training

Continuing Education Credits

As of January 2023, the course is an two hour course. Two (2) hour of Continuing Education Credits are being offered for all professional licenses. QIDPs may also apply this training toward the 12 hours annual continuing education credits requirements.

Registration Confirmation

You will receive a registration confirmation at least two days in advance of the class to the email address listed. Training will be held via Webex. Link will be sent with your confirmation.

Registration Cancelation

To cancel your registration, please email or (217)558-1511

Training Canceled or Rescheduled

The Bureau of Quality Management will notify you by the email listed on your registration at least 24 hours prior to the event should a training need to be canceled or rescheduled.

Certificate of Attendance

Upon completion of the PCP training event the IDHS Presenter will provide registrants with a Certificate of Attendance to maintain as documentations of CEs for the training record files.