IMHPAC: Child & Adolescent Committee Meeting Minutes 07/15/2022

IMHPAC C&A Minutes 7/15/22

  1. Attendance, call to order-Members: Michelle Churchey-Mims, Chris O'Hara, Mike Davis, Ray Connor, Amy Starin, Sharonda Giles Public: Emily LeFew Called to order 12:33p Amy and Ray
  2. Review and approval of minutes-no quorum in previous meeting-no minutes.
  3. Overview of committee goals, mission & time frames Raise up children's issues and advise DMH and IMHPAC committee.
  4. New Business-Chris gave updates on IMHPAC committee meeting.
    • Discussion on Family Therapy Rates-HFS raised in new fee schedule, discussed rates being higher than individual therapy as requires higher skills set and is best practice modality for working with youth. There needs to be a financial incentive to provide family therapy vs individual.
    • Discussion on how CRSS training focuses on adult. Are there opportunities to mirror design for CFPP.
    • Request that DMH review provide information on what part of budget is allocated to C&A. Ray made the motion and Chris seconded.
    • Request made regarding Requesting information on ICG program from HFS-i.e. # of participants, Types of services, Community vs RTC. This information may also be in the Annual Report.
  5. Vote on previously proposed measures-n/a
  6. Review of next steps
    • August meeting-Follow up on Family Therapy rates, Training needs for C&A population, coordination of youth Crisis system-MCR/SASS, 590, 988
  7. Public comments -no public comment

The committee meets virtually on the third Friday of each month at 12:30-1:30 p.m. All are welcome.