PM 03-15-08: Imposing the Sanction

WAG 03-15-08.

revised manual textPrior to implementing a Work Provision sanction, the FCRC must determine if the customer had a good cause reason (PM 03-15-05) for not complying. 

A customer who is sanctioned for a SNAP Work Provision or a TANF work and training requirement is an ineligible SNAP household member. The whole amount of their income and assets is counted when determining eligibility for the rest of the SNAP household.

A TANF/SNAP customer who is participating and complying with TANF Work and Training requirements is exempt from Work Provisions for SNAP

If the TANF/SNAP customer fails to comply with TANF work and training a work sanction may be imposed for TANF and SNAP. However, the program exemptions for caring for a child differ. For TANF the exemption is child under age 1(PM 03-13-02),  For SNAP, the exemption is a child under 6. If the TANF person has a child over age 1 and is not complying with a TANF work and training work activity, a sanction may be imposed on TANF but not SNAP because the child is under age 6. See PM 03-15-02.