Virtual CRSS/CPRS Supervisor Training: April 17, 2024

Virtual CRSS/CPRS Supervisor Training

Please plan to join the next Virtual CRSS/CPRS Supervisor Training on April 17, 2024!

The theme for 2023/2024 is, "Cultivating Growth Through Supervision." This quarter's focus is, "Utilizing National Practice Guidelines for Peer Specialists and Supervisors."

These educational trainings place an emphasis on sharing successful tools and strategies for supervising those with the Certified Recovery Support Specialist (CRSS) or Certified Peer Recovery (CPRS) credential or those who are seeking their CRSS or CPRS.


DATE: April 17, 2024

TIME: 10:00am - 11:00am

TOPIC: Utilizing National Practice Guidelines for Peer Specialists and Supervisors

OBJECTIVES: At the conclusion of this training, participants will be able to:

  • Explore the core peer support values in the National Practice Guidelines for Peer Specialists and Supervisors.
  • Identify how the core values can be applied in supervisory relationships.
  • Determine practical tips for how supervisors can support CRSS/CPRS to remain true to the core values.

REGISTRATION: Click this link to register for April 17 CRSS/CPRS Supervisor Training Registration


SPEAKERS: Trenda Hedges & Sean Johnson

HANDOUTS: Will be emailed out to those who are registered no later than the Monday before training.

 July's training will be a Q&A. Please complete this short survey to ask questions ahead of time and help us choose next year's training topics: Click this link to complete the CRSS/CPRS Supervisor Q&A and Training Topic Survey


Note: These trainings were developed after surveying those who supervise CRSS professionals in Illinois. This Webex training is for you if you supervise Certified Recovery Support Specialists, Certified Peer Recovery Specialists, or supervise those seeking their CRSS or CPRS. The training contains specific information relative to these supervisors.

Reasonable accommodations are provided upon request. All requests must be received by Training Contact ( at least 6 weeks prior to event.