PM 03-15-06: Proving Voluntary Quit

WAG 03-15-06.

new manual textPrior to implementing a Work Provision sanction, the FCRC must determine if the customer had a good cause reason for not complying.

Accept the customer's statement as to why they voluntarily quit the job. Only request proof of the statement when you doubt the facts as given. The SNAP household  must provide the needed information. If they have difficulty getting the information, offer to assist in getting the needed items.

Acceptable proof includes information from:

  • a former employer,
  • employee associations,
  • unions,
  • grievance committees or organizations,
  • Human Rights Commission records, and
  • an Equal Employment Opportunity Complaint.

Use other sources when written proof cannot be obtained. Do not impose a work sanction if the needed proof cannot be verified because:

  • a customer quit a job due to discrimination or unfair demands by an employer, or
  • the employer cannot be located.