Greater Illinois Trauma Informed Behavioral Health Services (TIBHS) Technical Assistance/Appendices/Question & Answers

Greater Illinois Trauma Informed Behavioral Health Services

Technical Assistance Session:

This technical assistance session will provide participants with an overview of the 23-444-80-2600-01 Greater Illinois Trauma Informed Behavioral Health Services Notice of Funding Opportunity and information on how providers can apply for FY23.

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  • Thursday, September 15, 2022 - 10:00am - 12:00pm
  • Registration Deadline: Wednesday, September 14, 2022
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Greater Illinois Trauma Informed Behavioral Health Services Appendices:

Greater Illinois Trauma Informed Behavioral Health Services Questions & Answers: 

September 12, 2022:

  1. Question: Is a Notice of Intent required for this NOFO? 
    No, a Notice of Intent is not needed for this NOFO.
  2. Question: Is Ford Heights included in the Chicago Heights Cluster? 
    No, The Chicago Heights Cluster includes Chicago Heights, Park Forest and Sauk Village.

September 21, 2022:

  1. Question: Will another NOFO be released to provide these services to adults??? 
    Individuals may be served through age 24. Department of Healthcare and Family Services - Violence Prevention Community Support Team (VP-CST) is a new service added to the Medicaid Community-Based Behavioral Health Services array effective May 1, 2022. VP-CST is intended to reduce traumatic stress symptoms and increase community functioning for individuals who have experienced chronic exposure to firearm violence using evidence-informed, trauma-specific interventions and techniques.
  2. Question: Is there a plan to continue this funding after 6-2024 
    The awards funded under this NOFO will end 6/30/2024.
  3. Question: Starting October 5 all healthcare institutions that use an electronic medical records system are to adhere to the 21st?century Cures Act that speaks to releasing information.? We will be required to release all medical information to all patients/clients that is saved in their electronic chart, and their information will be open to all of the patients/clients' providers who use that same electronic medical system for seamless care.? 
    IDHS will work with grantees to ensure the confidentiality of the data as allowed by state and federal laws.
  4. Question: The NOFO lists an average award amount but no range. Is there a minimum award  that IDHS would consider? 
    Applicants should propose an amount that meets the community needs and agency  capacity.
  5. Question: I couldn't find in the NOFO how many clients each site was expected to serve. Is there  a minimum/average # of clients per site, or any type of funding formula (such as a suggested  average cost per participant) to help us determine our scope? 
    This grant solicitation does not have a funding formula, nor does it include a required minimum number to be served.
  6. Question:  In the Application Checklist provided by IDHS it mentions providing  two budgets: one for the full 19-months of period performance and one for 7 months of the program operation. For the 19 months, it is clear we should put in our full amount of requested funding, i.e. $475,000 if we are applying for the full  amount, is there any advice about the ceiling limit we should use for the 7-month  period from 12/1/2022-6/30/2023? 
    One strategy is to pro-rate the amount for the 7 months. This means  $475,000/19 x 7=$175.000. In addition, applicants should consider any initial start  up costs they may have.

September 28, 2022:

  1. Question: Is there an expectation or guideline around how many youth we serve? 
    There is no numeric expectation. Requests must be reasonable and cost effective. Applications will be reviewed based on the scoring criteria outlined in Section 4.E.1.
  2. Question: Can you confirm (or provide clarification) that we are to submit the following items for the budget:
    1. Budget narrative for entire 19 month period, included as the last section of the narrative
    2. Appendix E - Budget Template for 19 month period
    3. Appendix E - Budget Template for 7-month FY23 period
    4. Printout of budget entered into CSA for 7-month FY23 period 
      The budget narrative is for the entire 19 month period and should be included as the last section of the program narrative. There are two Attachments related to the budget:
      • Attachment 5 , Applicant Uniform Grant Budget (19-month budget)
      • Attachment 5a , Applicant Uniform Grant Budget (7-month budget)
        You are NOT required to submit the pdf budget template for the 7-month period. The FY23 (seven-month, December through June 2023) proposed budget must be entered, signed, and submitted in CSA and is required for the application to be considered complete. A hard copy of this signed and submitted budget must be included with the application as Attachment 5a.
  3. Question: Can you confirm that the deadline is October 14th at 12pm? 
    That is correct
  4. Question: We need the application narratives form. I was able to find the uniform application and I understand how to complete budget in CSA. 
    There is no application narrative form. Use Microsoft Word and follow the directions in the NOFO.
  5. Question: We do not have a physical office but have a partner agency that allows us to provide behavioral and mental health services that the community is lacking. Is this allowable? 
    Answer: Please provide proof in the application that the physical location for service provision within the community has been secured for the duration of the grant. Example, a signed agreement with detailed information.
  6. Question: Should applications be double spaced? 
    : Applications should be single spaced.
  7. Question: Can you clarify the difference between budget 5 and 5a? 
      • Attachment 5 , Applicant Uniform Grant Budget (19-month budget)
      • Attachment 5a , Applicant Uniform Grant Budget (7-month budget)
    • Attachment 5 is the PDF uniform budget template completed for the entire 19 month grant period. The FY23 (seven-month, December through June 2023) proposed budget must be entered, signed, and submitted in CSA and is required for the application to be considered complete. A copy of this signed and submitted budget must be included with the application as Attachment 5a.
  8. Question: Do subrecipients also need to have a physical presence in the eligible community area? Does providing services physically within the eligible area count? Or is an agency required to have a physical address in the area? 
    The entity that we fund needs to have a location inside the service area. The intention is for the services to be provided within the communities. We are looking for the grantee and the sub grantee to be able to have a physical presence in that community where services are provided.
  9. Question: Are current RPSA youth development grantees eligible to apply in the same and/or different community areas? 
    Yes, existing grantees can apply in the same or different area for the services outlined in this NOFO. Provided the entity meets all additional eligibility requirements etc.
  10. Question: Does the 1 FTE clinician need to be one single person, or can it be several staff filling that role? Are several staff in the role allowed? 
    It is not required to be a single person, although the job of coordinating the entire project doesn't really make sense for it to be several people. The clinicians are able to be separate individuals that make up an FTE and any of the required FTEs' could be multiple positions.
  11. Question: Could the clinician role be split across partner agencies? 
    Yes, clinician services is one of the required program areas that can be multiple people that can provide clinical services across multiple sub-recipients.
  12. Question: What would the confidentiality requirements be for client records be? 
    They have to meet all the same HIPPA and related laws for confidentiality.
  13. Question: Will this be a reimbursement grant? And is there a working capital advance? 
    In the funding notice there is a payment section that will lay out the 3 different options that you have for payment. See Section F.4.
    1. Reimbursement
    2. Working capital advance followed by reimbursement
    3. Advance and reconcile
  14. Question: Is there a max caseload for any of the positions? 
    : The NOFO did not include a requirement. Applicants should propose and justify their plan for staffing cases for this population.
  15. Question: You stated that the application needs be in one pdf.
    Yes, one PDF. If you have any issues compiling your documents into a single PDF please email for assistance. PLEASE do not wait till the morning the application is due to begin this process.
  16. Question: How do I get an application? 
    Please see the information on the NOFO posting:  
  17. Question: How do I get an application for Burnside? 
    Burnside is NOT an eligible service area for this application. This NOFO is for Greater Illinois areas which do not include the city of Chicago.

October 11, 2022:

  1. Question: Are we able to use grant funds to pay current staff is they fill-in until we are fully staffed for this grant? 
    Grantees may not supplant existing funding with these grant dollars. Grantees may only charge to the grant current staff time provided that staff are specifically and appropriately documenting actual time spent on the program activities. If existing staff are intended to be used for this new grant long term, the agency must back fill the vacated positions.
  2. Question: If we have clients requiring therapy beyond the staff we hire, are we able to use grant funds to cover other (current) staff who see therapy clients through this grant? 
    See above
  3. Question: We are looking at the Waukegan - North Chicago Cluster. How wide of a geographic area can we serve? Is it only Waukegan and North Chicago or can we serve all of Lake County? 
    These funds are specifically for the identified RPSA communities. In this case, the grant is only for the communities of Waukegan and North Chicago.
  4. Question: It is stated that the UEI replaces the DUN number. However, the DUN number is still requested on the uniform application and budget. Which should be listed? 
    Please list both numbers if both are available. Otherwise please list the UEI#
  5. Question: What fiscal year do we put on the budget pages? 
    FY 23