WAG 03-15-01: Work Provisions

PM 03-15-01

SNAP Work Rules (IL444-5175)

The SNAP Work Rules is 6 pages. Page 1, provides an explanation of the notice, explains the two types of SNAP work rules, provides a section to enter the name of each person who must comply with a work rule and includes a summary on the voluntary SNAP E&T Program. Pages 2 through 6 contain program information as follows:

  • Page 2 - Work Provision rules, Sanctions and Good Cause.
  • Page 3 - Work Requirement rules and Good Cause.
  • Page 4 - Voluntary SNAP E&T Program and Services.
  • Page 5 - Illinois Department of Human Services (IDHS) Nondiscrimination Statement and Appeal Rights.
  • Page 6 - United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Nondiscrimination Statement

FCRC Action to Take

  • new manual textAn employed or self-employed customer who is working at least 30 hours per week or receiving weekly wages of 30 times the Federal minimum wage ($7.25) is exempt from the Work Provisions. Form IL444-5175 is not given to customers who qualify for an exemption. The FCRC are to inform employed or self-employed customers that a work sanction may be imposed if they voluntarily quit a job or reduce their work hours without good cause. If an exemption is lost during the certification period, complete and issue Form IL44-5175 to the SNAP household for the nonexempt member.
  • When a SNAP household includes a member who does not qualify for a Work Provision or Work Requirement exemption at initial application, redetermination, or when an exemption is lost during the certification period, or when a request is received to add a new member, the FCRC must:
  1. Identify which person in the SNAP household is nonexempt (PM 03-15-02) and is subject to the Work Provisions (PM 03-15-01) and Work Requirement (PM 03-25-01) work rules.
  2. Check the box on Page 1 of the SNAP Work Rules, enter the name of the nonexempt person in the applicable work rule section and issue the appropriate pages.
    • If a nonexempt person is required to comply with:
      • Work Provisions only, check the box and enter the name in that section, issue Page 1, Page 2 and Pages 4 through 6.
      • Work Provisions and Work Requirement, check both boxes and enter the name in both sections. Issue all 6 pages of the notice. See PM 03-25-01-a.
    • More than one name can be entered in each section so that only one consolidated notice is issued to the SNAP household.
    • The SNAP E&T Program, Appeal Rights and Nondiscrimination pages are always issued to the SNAP household regardless of which work rule requires compliance.
  3. Upload a copy of the SNAP Work Rules to the Electronic Case Record (ECR),
  4. Complete the IES screens to indicate that the person is nonexempt from Work Provisions or Work Requirement or both.
  5. Review the Eligibility Summary Screen to determine if the appropriate exemption has been given.
  6. Document in Case Comments which person in the SNAP household is nonexempt, an oral explanation was provided and the method of how the notice was given to the SNAP household.

Provide an oral explanation to the SNAP household

  • All SNAP households with nonexempt households members are to receive an oral explanation of the SNAP work rules, even if a REDE interview is waived. The oral explanation must also be provided when a new member is added to the SNAP household and Form IL444-5175 must be completed for the new nonexempt household member.
  • If an oral explanation is provided in-person, discuss the exemptions with the SNAP household and determine which member does not meet an exemption and explain the work rule that the nonexempt person is required to comply with.
  • If the oral explanation cannot be provided in-person, the worker must make a good faith effort to contact the SNAP household by phone to explain the work rule that applies to each nonexempt person and explain the other program information included on Form IL444-5175.
    • Once the application is processed and the SNAP household is determined eligible for benefits, complete the appropriate sections of Form IL 444-5175 for each nonexempt person. Call the SNAP household on the day the application is processed to explain the work rules and identify the person(s) who must comply with a requirement.
    • Upload a copy of the completed Form IL444-5175 to the Electronic Case Record (ECR) and mail the original to the SNAP household.
    • If the SNAP household cannot be reached by phone, document in Case Comments that an attempt by phone was unsuccessful and a completed Form IL444-5175 was mailed. Consider one phone call as a good faith effort to reach the SNAP household.
  • Use the Form IL 444-5175 as a guide to explaining the applicable sections.
  • SNAP recipients who are age 16 through 59 and do not meet an exemption in PM 03-15-02 must comply with the Work Provisions work rules in PM 03-15-01
    • Register for work by receipt of the SNAP Work Rules (IL444-5175), at the time of application and every 12 months thereafter; and
    • Take a suitable job if offered; and
    • Not voluntarily quit a job or reduce your work hours below 30 hours a week without a good reason; and
    • Tell the FCRC about their job, rate of pay and the number of hours worked, if asked.
  • When a nonexempt person fails to comply with the Work Provisions without good cause, they may be sanctioned for:
    • 3 months the first time.
    • another 3 months the second time.
    • 6 months the third or more time.
  • The nonexempt person must follow the Work Provision work rules before they can get SNAP benefits again.

Explain the other sections of the notice

Good Cause

Sometimes things happen that prevent a person from following the work rules like getting sick or lack of transportation to get to work. A nonexempt person may claim Good Cause for either work rule. If the nonexempt person has cause for not complying, no action is taken to stop benefits. The SNAP household must contact the FCRC to report that there is a Good Cause reason for not following the work rules.

SNAP Employment and Training Program (SNAP E&T)

The SNAP Employment and Training Program is a voluntary program that provides opportunities for SNAP recipients, (except those receiving TANF Cash), to acquire work skills and find employment. The program also helps with work-related expenses for the first 90 days of a job. Volunteers in the program cannot be sanctioned.

Appeal Rights

A SNAP household who applies for or receives benefits has the right to appeal and receive a fair hearing (PM 01-07-00WAG 01-07-00).

Nondiscrimination Statement

  • It is the policy of IDHS that all individuals requesting services from the Department shall be free from discrimination or harassment without regard to race, color, religion, sex (gender identity and sexual orientation), national origin, age disability or political beliefs.
  • Benefit applications or other IDHS forms should not be sent to the U.S. Department of Agriculture address. The USDA address is for civil rights complaints only and the nondiscrimination statement provides instructions on how to file a complaint.