WAG 03-13-05-c: Multi-disciplinary Staffing (MDS)

PM 03-13-05-c.

  1. At the MDS, take advantage of the knowledge and experience of the assembled experts to identify any barriers and problems that may not have already been addressed.
  2. Enter Item 80 code 682 INTRV when an intensive case review has been completed.
    1. Under PERSONS enter the 4-digit date that represents the calendar month and year in which the multi-disciplinary staffing was completed.

NOTE: Code 682 INTRV can be entered through ACM. In ACM, enter the code on the Actions To Be Taken Screen. Code 682 remains on a case that is SWAPPED to Medical. It is an allowable entry on Medical only cases for situations in which an intensive case review was completed while the case received TANF, Item 80 code 682 was not entered on the case, and the case was subsequently SWAPPED to Medical.