PM 03-13-05-c: Multi-disciplinary Staffing (MDS)

WAG 03-13-05-c.

Hold a multi-disciplinary staffing as soon as possible after the client interview. An MDS is a meeting of professionals and specialists from various backgrounds and areas of expertise to provide input and review the client's situation. The purpose of the MDS is to:

  • review all available information about the client,
  • identify service needs,
  • assess the appropriateness of the goals and objectives set in the RSP,
  • develop options to include in the RSP,
  • review the need for additional referrals or referral action, and
  • prepare for the follow-up interview with the client.

Members of the original interview team always participate in the MDS. In addition, any of the following may participate:

  • mental health or substance abuse specialists colocated in the Family Community Resource Center;
  • other mental health or substance abuse professional, preferably MISA-certified (i.e., certified for both mental health and substance abuse);
  • family case management staff;
  • DHS staff from another Family Community Resource Center;
  • TPS staff;
  • DHS regional office staff;
  • revised textTANF Workforce Development staff;
  • CCR&R staff;
  • Division of Rehabilitation Services staff; or
  • Division of Mental Health staff.