PM 17-05-02-i: Change Reporting SNAP Households

WAG 17-05-02-i

new manual text Change Reporting SNAP Households

IES assigns a 12-month SNAP approval period to all SNAP cases. See PM 18-04-00 for SNAP households subject to Change Reporting requirements.

Change Reporting households are: 

  • SNAP households whose adult members are all qualifying members and there is no earned income to budget on the case; and
  • TANF cases with SNAP and there is no earned income to budget on the case; and
  • Only when the Work Requirement policy is in effect, SNAP households who must meet the Work Requirement and whose county of residence is not waived are centrally converted to Change Reporters. IES generates and mails Change in Reporting Requirement to the appropriate SNAP households notifying them of the change in their reporting requirements.