HCBS Settings Countdown: 266 days

HCBS Settings Compliance Countdown: 266 days

HCBS Settings Office Hours Tuesday, 10:00 am

PCG Begins Onsite Visits

As discussed this week at office hours, HFS has contracted with PCG to perform desk and onsite validations for the sites that require an onsite visit to be validated, known as heightened scrutiny sites by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. Following the desk validation, PCG staff are reaching out to providers to book time to talk with people receiving services at a site and the frontline staff. Please be as responsive as possible because we have a very short time frame to complete the onsite visits. In response to some questions, here is some further information:

  • PCG validators might speak only with the people receiving services at their visit. If this is the case, they will follow up to speak with the staff separately over the phone. Ideally, we are trying to avoid interviewing staff while they are supporting people.
  • In order to not take more of a person's time, people receiving services who live and attend day programs at heightened scrutiny sites could be asked about both CDS and residential experiences.
  • We want to work with providers to identify the easiest time to speak with people - that could be at the house in the afternoon, at the CDS or at the house during the day. Our hope is PCG and providers can work together to find a time and place that can work for the people being supported in the timeframe required. Please note, if a validator speaks to someone at their CDS about their home, the validator will still need to visit the home for onsite observations as well.

Residency Agreements - Room and Board Clarification (Updated)

Residency agreements through the HCBS Settings Rule offer people who live in provider-controlled homes the same rights afforded to those who have leases with a separate landlord. Included in this is the right to know how much the person is spending for rent or room and board. For more information, check out the IDHS: Residency Agreement for Provider Owned or Controlled Settings (state.il.us). Please note, the goal of the residency agreement is to make sure people are informed and know their rights and responsibilities just like people in non-provider controlled homes. This includes knowing the amount generally they will be paying in room and board.

It is recommended for providers to utilize the following for the residency agreement's room and board amounts.