About Office to Prevent and End Homelessness


Coordinating State of Illinois agency strategies and investments and partnering with the community to build a strong safety net and permanent housing for Illinoisans facing homelessness and housing insecurity.


No resident in the State of Illinois lives on the street, in a shelter or in overcrowded housing. Illinoisans earn a living wage that allows them to afford housing in their community, without fear of eviction. When a housing crisis occurs, safety nets supports allow quick resolution to stabilize housing.

Executive Order to Fight Homelessness in Illinois

In September 2021, Governor Pritzker signed the Executive Order to Fight Homelessness in Illinois (EO) effective September 03, 2021. The executive board created two new commissions within State Government and a new position to lead the work:

  • Illinois Interagency Task Force on Homelessness (Task Force): The Task Force membership comprises leadership of Illinois State Agencies. The Task Force is charged with delivering a State plan on homelessness and delivering it to the Governor and General Assembly. The key purpose of the Task Force is to coordinate strategy, effort, and impact to programs for persons experiencing homelessness and housing instabilities. The Task Force will make regulatory, policy and resource changes to end homelessness. The Task Force will "make oversight recommendations that will ensure accountability, results, and sustained success; and develop specific proposals and recommendations for action."
  • Community Advisory Council on Homelessness (Advisory Council): Advisory Council provides guidance and recommendations to the Task Force on the strategy and implementation of the Illinois Plan to Prevent and End Homelessness. The representation on the Advisory Council is representative of rural, urban, and suburban communities.
  • State Homelessness Chief (Chief): The Chief serves as the chair of the Task Force and co-chair of the Advisory Council. The EO identifies the role of the Chief to "serve as a policymaker and spokesperson on homelessness prevention, including coordinating the multi-agency effort through legislation, rules, and budgets and communicating with the Illinois General Assembly, federal, and local leaders on these critical issues." As operationalization of the EO commences, the Illinois Office to Prevent and End Homelessness (IOPEH) is created to provide administrative support and infrastructure for the cross-agency work of the Task Force and Advisory Council.

Interagency Task Force Membership

Member Organization Position Member Since
Delrice Adams Illinois Criminal Justice Information Authority Executive Director 2/7/2022
Dr. Carmen Ayala Illinois State Board of Education Superintendent 2/7/2022
Paula Basta Illinois Department on Aging Director 2/7/2022
Brian Durham Illinois Community College Board Executive Director 2/7/2022
Theresa Eagleson Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services Director 2/7/2022
Dr. Amaal Tokars Illinois Department of Public Health Acting Director 2/7/2022
Kristin Faust Illinois Housing Development Authority Executive Director 2/7/2022
Sylvia Garcia Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity Director 2/7/2022
Christine Haley* Illinois Office to Prevent and End Homelessness Chief 2/7/2022
Grace B. Hou Illinois Department of Human Services Secretary 2/7/2022
Rob Jeffreys Illinois Department of Corrections Director 2/7/2022
Brendan Kelly Illinois State Police Director 2/7/2022
Heidi Mueller Illinois Department of Juvenile Justice Director 2/7/2022
Ginger Ostro Illinois Board of Higher Education Executive Director 2/7/2022
Terry Prince Illinois Department of Veterans' Affairs Director 2/7/2022
Kristin Richards Illinois Department of Employment Security Director 2/7/2022
Marc D. Smith Illinois Department of Children and Family Services Director 2/7/2022
Marc Staley Governor's Office of Management & Budget Deputy Director 2/7/2022


Community Advisory Council Membership

Name Organization Position Appointment Expiration Date
Sandy Deters Embarras River Basin Agency Housing Coordinator 2/7/2025
Otha Gaston Chicago Lived Experience Commission Representative 2/7/2025
Christine Haley* Illinois Office to Prevent and End Homelessness Chief 2/7/2025
Jennifer Hill Alliance to End Homelessness in Suburban Cook County Executive Director 2/7/2025
Niya Kelly Chicago Coalition for the Homeless Director of State Legislative Policy, Equity and Transformation 2/7/2025
Brandie Knazze Chicago Department of Family and Support Services Commissioner 2/7/2025
Marvin Lindsey Community Behavioral Healthcare Association of Illinois Chief Executive Officer 2/7/2025
Ronald Lund Project Now Community Services Director 2/7/2025
Tamela Milan-Alexander EverThrive Illinois/Collaborative on Child Homelessness Illinois Community Engagement Director 2/7/2025
Richard Monocchio Housing Authority of Cook County Executive Director 2/7/2025
Cathleen O'Brien Access Living Housing Policy & Organizing Coordinator 2/7/2025
Brenda O'Connell Lake County Community Development Administrator 2/7/2025
Veronica Reyes Resurrection Project Chief of Staff 2/7/2025
Susan Reyna-Guerrero Covenant House Executive Director 2/7/2025
Debbie Reznick* Polk Bros. Foundation Senior Program Officer 2/7/2025
Carolyn Ross All Chicago President and CEO 2/7/2025
Richard Rowe CSH Senior Program Manager 2/7/2025
Nicole Wilson Heart of Illinois United Way Vice President of Community Investment 2/7/2025

* Co-Chair