VII. Home Based Services and Individual Budgeting

The Home-Based Support program offers self-directed supports designed to prevent or delay out-of-home residential services for individuals. Individuals who choose home-based supports may select from a menu of services based on their individual needs within an overall monthly service budget.

The Adult Home-Based Support (AHBS) program provides supports to eligible adults with developmental disabilities ages 18 and over who would otherwise need ICF/IID level of care.

The Children's Support Waiver or Children's Home-Based Supports (CHBS) program serves individuals age 3 through the age of 21 who would otherwise need ICF/IID level of care.

A. Individual Budgeting

Upon being authorized for self-directed or HBS services, the individual, guardian, if applicable, and/or family are informed in writing by the Division about the overall cost limit, self-directed opportunities, including budget amount, authority and employer authority. The ISC assigned to the individual will explain this in person. Once services have begun, the Division will keep the individual and guardian, if applicable, informed of any adjustments to the overall monthly budget amount.

The monthly and/or annual maximum budget for the Children's Support Waiver and Home-Based Support Services (HBS) option in the Adult Waiver is based on the Personal Plan but may not exceed the overall Waiver monthly and annual cost limit.

For the Children's Support Waiver, the annual maximum is developed based on two times the Supplemental Security Income (SSI) amount per month. Individuals in this situation are allowed to use flex spending which is a monthly maximum of spending up to four times the SSI amount in a month. Using flex spending doesn't change the annual maximum.

For adults in HBS who are enrolled in a Special Education program by a local education agency, the monthly maximum is based on two times the SSI amount per month.

For adults in HBS who are no longer enrolled in a Special Education program by a local education agency, the monthly maximum is three times the Supplemental Security Income (SSI) amount.

Excluded from the annual and monthly cost maximum calculations are Individual Service and Support Advocacy (ISSA) services and tangible items such as adaptive equipment, assistive technology, home accessibility modifications, vehicle modifications, and remote supports. Because these services are tangible items, they are subject to separate limits.

Individuals, guardians, if applicable, and F/EA can access the current rate table by searching "rate table". The Current Rate Table contains information on statewide rates and utilization limits by service type.

The Personal Plan specifies the types and amounts of covered services needed by the individual within the overall cost limits. Statewide rates apply for some services. For other services, the individual is given the authority to negotiate individual rates.

Limits in spending are in place based on the monthly budget, and individuals are encouraged by members of the service planning team to allocate authorized services throughout the year to avoid premature depletion of program funds.

A written Home-Based Support Services (HBS) Agreement.(PDF) is executed between the individual and each service provider. The Service Agreement/Authorization is signed by the individual, guardian, if applicable, and the Employer of Record. The Service Agreement/Authorization defines the terms of the services to be provided including the effective date, the rate of payment, the maximum units of service to be provided each month, and the maximum monthly charge.

All services provided must be for the direct benefit of the individual.

All services and service changes must be within the monthly budget total. Any adjustments must be within the individual's overall monthly and annual service cost limit and are allowed without prior approval by the State.