WAG 03-11-01-g: SSN Policy at REDE

If a client does not have an SSN at REDE, take the following actions:

  1. revised textTell the person that an application for an SSN is a condition of eligibility. (For a list of persons who are exempt from SSN policy, see PM 03-11-00).
  2. Complete a Requirement to Apply for Social Security Number Card (Form 3168). Issue one copy to the client and place a copy in the case record.
  3. Give the person Form 3168 and Form 267 or Form 1721 and tell them to report to the local Social Security District Office. Tell the client they must give SSA proof of age, identity, and citizen/INS status.
  4. Allow the client 10 calendar days to return proof that an application for an SSN has been filed.
  5. Document in the case record the date proof of filing for an SSN was received in the office.
  6. Tell the client to report the SSN to us upon receipt.