WAG 03-11-01-d: Client Reports Non-Receipt of Social Security Card

  1. (Client) Reports to the Family Community Resource Center that they have not received their Social Security card.
  2. (FCRC) Review Revised Manual Textthe client's clearance results in IES.
  3. (FCRC) If Revised Manual Textverified through IES FDSH/SOLQ clearance and the Validated by SSA box is checked on the Individual Information page, write a letter to the local SSA office for the client.

    Include in the letter to SSA that the client (use their name) has a verified SSN on the Department's computer records (give SSN), but has not received a Social Security Card. 

  4. (FCRC) Give the client the letter, and tell them to take it to the local SSA office to get the card.