WAG 03-11-01: Social Security Number Policy

PM 03-11-01.

At application, or when adding a person to a case, ask each person to provide a Social Security Number (SSN). Ask to see the Social Security card, unless the person only wants medical. If the person only wants medical, ask only for the Social Security number and not to see the card.

New manual textMore information on SSNs in IES can be found: Understanding SSNs in IES

Refer each person directly to the local Social Security Administration District Office:

  • who does not have a document showing their SSN; or
  • who needs a replacement SSN card; or
  • who does not have a previously assigned verified SSN on the Client Data Base; or
  • whose SSN does not provide a good matching record (no match or wrong person) New manual textfrom IES Federal Data Service Hub Verification (FDSH) or SOLQ Data Exchange; or
  • whose SSN cannot be verified by New manual textFDSH or SOLQ clearance.

If a person provides a verifiable SSN, enter the SSN as shown on the document new manual textin IES on the Individual Information page. IES will trigger a clearance result when an individual's SSN is entered in the SSN field or Reported SSN field. New manual textClearance results are acceptable verification when the Validated by SSA box is checked. Otherwise, verify the SSN by viewing the client's Social Security Card or a document such as a driver's license, or other card with their signature or photo. Upload a copy of the item used to verify the SSN to the ECR. See WAG 03-11-01-b for more information on validated SSN's.

Deleted manual text

When verifying a person's SSN, remember that:

  • No valid SSN has all zeros in any of the 3 segments. For example, all of the following SSNs are invalid:
    • 000-26-6781
    • 324-00-6781
    • 324-26-0000
  • No valid SSN has 9 identical digits or has the 9 digits running consecutively from 1-9. For example, all of the following SSNs are invalid:
    • 111-11-1111
    • 999-99-9999
    • 123-45-6789
  • The client's SSN is not the same as their Recipient Identification Number (RIN)New manual textor Individual Number in IES.

Deleted Manual Text

Revised Manual TextIf SOLQ or the FDSH does not validate the SSN, and there is valid verification received from the customer, process a Form 1925 to SSA/PCU.