PM 03-11-00: Social Security Numbers

WAG 03-11-00

To receive benefits, a person must have a valid Social Security Number (SSN) or have proof that they have applied for one. Persons exempt from having to provide an SSN or proof of application for an SSN are listed below.

  • Persons requesting or receiving Moms and Babies,
  • Newborns requesting or receiving Assist when they live with their mother who was Medicaid eligible when they were born (see PM 03-11-05-a),
  • text deleted
  • Noncitizen children under age 19 who have certain nonimmigrant visas or do not have any immigration documents and are requesting or receiving Family Health Plans (see PM 03-01-02-k).

In addition, for All Kids/FamilyCare Rebate the policyholder on the insurance policy must provide their Social Security Number. For Moms and Babies,text deletedproviding an SSN is preferred but not required.

Persons who fail to meet this policy are ineligible. For TANF, if the person is an adult parent of a child in the case, the entire filing unit is ineligible for cash. The rest of the unit, without the person, is eligible for medical.