IMHPAC: Development Committee Minutes April 28, 2022


Meeting of the Development Committee - Thursday April 28, 2022, 4:00 PM

  1. Call to Order: The Webex Meeting was called to order by Co-Chair Ron Melka at 4:02 pm. In attendance were Ron Melka, Nanette Larson, Ray Connor, and Irwin Kerzner. There was also a Pat on the Webex but did not identify themselves.
  2. Approval of Agenda: Ray moved and Nanette seconded the agenda be approved as presented. All were in favor. Passed.
  3. Approval of the October 29, 2021, minutes: Ray moved and Nanette seconded that the minutes be approved. All were in favor. Passed.
  4. Resignations: Chris Stohr has notified IMHPAC that he has changed employers and can no longer participate in IMHPAC. That is all that is required by our bylaws for a resignation. Irwin informed us that Gene Oulvey has also resigned. In addition, Eric Hanson has been added as a replacement representative.
  5. Election of the Development Committee Members: We only have three active members on the Development Committee, so we need two positions filled. Here is the section of the bylaws regarding the Development Committee:
    • "(a) Council Development:. This committee shall be comprised of 5 members. One member of the Committee shall be the member of the Council representing the Division of Mental Health. The other members of this committee shall be elected by a vote of the Council at a meeting of the Council to be held prior to June 1st of each year. At least one of the members of the committee elected by the Council shall be a primary consumer. The Executive Committee shall determine the procedures for the conduct of this election and provide written notice of those procedures and of the election itself to the members of the Council at least 30 days prior to the election."
    • Ron will contact Lee Ann Reinert regarding vacancies and the election. Lee Ann developed and distributed a survey of the members regarding their committee membership and willingness to serve in the officer positions.
  6. Candidates for new and returning membership slate at Fall Meeting: Ron notified the committee we need to start building a slate for our fall meeting in November.
  7. Candidates for vacant Secretary: There have been no responses to our request for nominees for the open position of Secretary. We need to continue requesting members to fill this important position as it has been many months since our current secretary, Thane Dykstra, has notified us that he cannot continue.
  8. Member Surveys: Irwin will report on the results of last summer's survey of members regarding their demographic data. Lee Ann Reinert released a new survey regarding committee membership and officers' positions that was just sent out.
  9. Public Comment: None.
  10. Adjournment: Ray moved, Nanette seconded. All were in favor. Adjourned at 4:16.