Summary of Resources During the COVID-19 Pandemic

The following summary identifies IDHS/SUPR resources and alerts that have been issued and posted during the COVID-19 pandemic and can serve as a location index. This document will be updated as new resources are developed or obtained.

Licensure Exceptions:

3/16/20 Exceptions to Administrative Rule, Part 2060:

Exceptions address minimum hours of for each level of care, removal of face-to-face requirement for treatment services, removal of timeframes for treatment plans and continued stay reviews, approval for on-line DUI risk education and removal of requirement for peer-led recovery support services five days per week in recovery homes.

3/26/20 Added Exceptions to Administrative Rule, Part 2060:

Exceptions address the extension of the time frame for staff to obtain required hours of experience or to take the certification test for the CADC credential or professional staff licensure, extended time frames for patient physicals and staff and patient TB testing.

Substance Use Disorder Intervention and Treatment Service Delivery:

3/16/20 Frequently Asked Questions -Staff and Patient Safety:

Questions related to personal safety, continuation of services, quarantine guidance and service closure recommendations for SUPR licensed organizations.

3/16/20 - Frequently Asked Questions - Opioid Treatment Programs (OTP):

3/18/20 - Frequently Asked Questions - DUI Intervention Services:

Guidance and Resources:

3/5/20 IDHS Letter to Providers and Partners:

General guidance about COVID-19, steps to stay healthy and linkages to the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) websites.

3/11/20 SUPR Smart Alert: Corona Virus Information and Resources:,_Issue_XXVIII_-_Corona_Virus_Information_and_Resources.pdf

3/17/20 -Linkages to SAMHSA Disaster Planning Handbook, the Telehealth Resource Center and the Office of Civil Rights enforcement discretion information:

3/25/20 - COVID-19 Guidance for Drug Overdose Prevention (DOPP) Enrollees with linkages to harm reduction documents and the provision of naloxone kits via mail:

3/28/20 - COVID-19 Guidance for Residential Service Organizations regarding stay in place order, hours of operation, emergency childcare, environmental cleaning and disinfection, personal protective equipment (PPE) and linkage to survey regarding acute need for PPE:

4/2/20 - Digital Recovery Support Resources Toolkit: Resources to assist in decreasing isolation and disconnection.

4/17/20 - Prevention First Resources During COVID-19. This website contains a document summarizing prevention resource tips and strategies and various links for the delivery of prevention services:


3/28/20 - Medicaid Reimbursement for Telehealth Services: Information about the HFS emergency rule allowing telehealth reimbursement from Medicaid:

4/4/20 - COVID-19 Guidance for SUD Telehealth Services: Billing instruction for SUD telehealth services through DARTS and Managed Care Organizations (MCO):

4/16/20 - Smart Alert: Two Telehealth Opportunities

Handout: Federal Rural Resource Guide:

4/29/20 - Update to COVID-19 Guidance for SUD Telehealth Services 

5/19/20 - Smart Alert: Telehealth Trainings and Opportunities

Smart Alert:,_Issue_XXXVIII_-_Telehealth_Trainings_and_Opportunities.pdf 

Funding and Reimbursement:

4/4/20 - Recovery Residences & Homelessness: Information on policy and billing for "shelter in place" provision for homeless patients in Level 3 care. 

4/10/20 - Crisis Support Plan for IDHS/SUPR Funded Recovery Residences: Specific funding information for all organizations regarding the "keeping whole" policy and information on available increase for those organizations providing services to people under investigation (PUI) or COVID-19 positive patients/residents.

4/13/20 - Update to Request for Information Form: Provides information on how to specify projected cost for telehealth and personal protective equipment (PPE).

5/4/20 - Funding during COVID-19 Pandemic: Contains information on how payments will be made during the pandemic and how those payment intersect with the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP).

Additional Information on the Paycheck Protection Program:

4/21/20 - CARES Act Paycheck Protection & Pandemic Unemployment Assistance Program:

4/23/20 - ICOY on the Paycheck Protection Program:

4/27/20 - Additional Information - Paycheck Protection Program:

4/30/20 - Paycheck Protection Program FAQs:

Paycheck Protection Program Frequently Asked Questions:

5/6/20 - Update: Paycheck Protection Program:

5/13/20: Update: Paycheck Protection Program:

5/19/20 - Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) Resources:

General Notices and Requests for Information:

4/27/20 - COVID Survey: Information sought from SUPR organizations regarding the impact of COVID-19 on operations and identification of significant challenges.

5/6/20 - Message from Directors Kirby and Albert - Emergency SAMHSA Funding Award: Identification of SUPR organizations in receipt of emergency funding for SBIRT and co-occurring disorder services

5/6/20 - Personal Protective Equipment (PPE): Information on how to obtain PPE free of charge and the link for the form.