Joliet LAC Kick Off Meeting

Objectives: To meet to discuss review of the toolkit, profiles, next steps, and action items.

  1. How does this align/not align with what you know about your community?
  2. How does this data help you start shaping your goals?
  3. What additional information do you need to inform your decisions?
  • Members would like an understanding of terms on the profiles such as "not in labor and to define the term "unemployed". Members would like to know what is the difference between unemployed and not in labor.
  • Members provided a summary of feedback from the three questions highlighted below:
  • Lack in correlation between RPSA presentation and Joliet data
  • Data doesn't match what was discussed in the RPSA presentation
  • No demographic data relating to violence issues
  • If talking about things such as the correlation between race and trauma, where are the statistics? Data?
  • Need factors that contribute to gun violence data and the breakdown by demographics
  • This way they can be more specific and intentional with their goals
  • Would like data stretched out by zip codes - concentrated data.