PM 06-16-05: Approving Child Care Payments

WAG 06-16-05

All child care, except as noted below, is approved by staff at the Child Care Resource and Referral Agencies (CCR&R) and through New Manual MaterialSite Administered Providers (licensed centers under contract with DHS).  Family Community Resource Center staff are responsible for referring a client to the CCR&R New Manual MaterialAgency or New Manual MaterialSite Administered Provider, providing the client with a copy of their RSP, and answering any questions they have.

Exceptions: Family Community Resource Center staff authorize child care paid as an employment expense or for a onetime need for persons receiving TANF.  language was removed

To be eligible for a child care payment, a person must:

  • file a written request;
  • meet the income guidelines according to the family size (except employed TANF RPYs); and
  • be in an approved work, training, or educational program that requires the person to be out of the home.

Before any child care payments may be made (including prospective payments), proof of a legal care arrangement must be obtained.  The amount of child care approved is determined based on:

  • the client's plan of participation;
  • the provider's statement concerning the amount of child care that will be provided; and
  • the copayment income guidelines.

See WAG 06-16-06 for payment calculations and rates.