Handout Module 8 - Planning Sheet and Resource List for Partnering with Parents and Families

Planning Sheet

Check all that apply:

  1. How are you planning to let parents/families know about the Sex Education programming?
    • Information letter (in primary language of parent/family)
    • Phone call or in-person video
    • Orientation meeting
    • Scheduled Person-centered Plan meeting
    • Other: ______________________________
  2. What plans do you have to encourage parent/family engagement?
    • Weekly information letter (in primary language of parent/family)
    • Survey parents/families for interest/suggestions
    • Recruit parent representation for planning of Sex Ed program
    • Other: _______________________________
  3. What process do you have in place if parent/families object?
    • Policy/Grievance procedure
    • Written objection can be placed with individual's records
    • In-person meeting to discuss parent concerns
    • Other: ________________________________
  4. What process do you have in place if a guardian objects?
    • Policy/Grievance procedure
    • In-person meeting to discuss guardian concerns
    • Third party consultation (BQM; ISC; IGAC; Equip for Equality, etc.)
    • Other: ________________________________


From Approved Curricula:

On Guardianship and Supported Decision-making: