WIC Vendor Training

Vendor Training FAQs

What are my responsibilities for training my store employees?

Store owners are responsible for making sure that all cashiers and front-end staff know how to process WIC transactions correctly. Remember, federal regulations and state rules make the store owner responsible for actions of its employees, or anyone accepting WIC transactions on behalf of the store. This means that if a cashier commits a program violation while conducting a WIC transaction, the store owner is who will be held responsible for it and any sanctions will be imposed upon the owner.

What types of training are available from the Illinois WIC Program?

At least one (1) store representative who will train store cashiers must complete the initial training and pass the quiz at the end of the session prior to authorization. After authorization, at least one store representative who trains store cashiers must attend an annual training which will be offered between the months of March through May of each year.

If a store is found to be violating WIC Program rules, store staff may be required to complete additional training as well at the direction of the Department.

We can also provide specific training to vendors by phone if they have certain questions about a part of their WIC Authorization. To do so, please contact dhs.wicvendor@Illinois.gov and specify the name of the store, store location, and what topic you are requesting training about.

Vendor Training Materials

Vendor Training Modules

Illinois is in the process of developing multiple training modules which will be posted as they are available. If you are unable to view any modules listed and need to request an alternate form of training, contact DHS.WICVendor@illinois.gov or 844-901-0962.