WAG 06-13-05-b: AABD MaNG

To continue SLIB when medical is ending:

  1. Send client Form 157 that says medical is ending.
    1. Add following statement after box checked "medical assistance".
      • You will continue to receive assistance with payment of Medicare Part B SMIB premiums as a Specified Low-Income Medicare Beneficiary (SLIB).
  2. Complete Form 552, making needed information changes.
  3. Delete Item 80 spenddown or long term care credit code, if present.
  4. Change QMB status indicator in Item 60 to Code 8.
    1. Enter SLIB effective date (month/year) following Code QMB in Item 60. Use effective month/year of MANG cancellation, to start SLIB benefits without a break.
  5. Reenter Item 60 HIB and SMIB status indicator codes and dates as they previously appeared.