WAG 06-10-09-a: Applies Before Initial MPE Eligibility Period Expires

  1. revised text(Client) Applies for ongoing benefits before the expiration of her initial MPE eligibility period.
  2. (FCRC/All Kids Unit) Change the application date from the MPE decision date to the date the client applies for ongoing benefits.
  3. (FCRC/All Kids Unit) Process a TA 10/TAR 47 through the MPE Approval System (Health Start - MPE Approval/Cancel and Reapp screen). This must be done for every MPE eligible client who applies for ongoing benefits.
  4. (FCRC/All Kids Unit) Follow regular procedures if the client requests that the application be changed to a request for cash and/or SNAP.
  5. (System) Automatically:
  • issues the 90-day MediPlan card;
  • cancels the pending application; and
  • restores it to pending status with the current application date, the date the client applied for ongoing benefits.

Example: The initial MPE eligibility period is 08/12 through 09/30. The woman keeps her appointment on 08/19. Change the application date to 08/19. Enter TA 10/TAR 47 with a beginning date of 08/19. A 90-day MediPlan card will be issued through 11/16.