2774-QA RPSA Violence Prevention Services Technical Assistance, Appendices and Frequently Asked Questions

Reimagine Public Safety Act Violence Prevention Training and Technical Assistance

Technical Assistance Session:

This technical assistance session will provide participants with an overview of the 22-444-80-2774 Reimagine Public Safety Act Violence Prevention Notice of Funding Opportunity and information on how providers can apply for FY22.

Reimagine Public Safety Act Violence Prevention Appendices:

Reimagine Public Safety Act Violence Prevention Questions and Answers:

February 9, 2022:

  1. Question: Question: Is this for Chicago only?
    Yes. Please refer to the Program Summary of the NOFO to view the list of communities eligible for support from the OFVP to fund evidence-based interventions supporting firearm violence reduction.
  2. Question: Where is the application and how do I apply for this grant?
    Please refer to the Application and Submission Information Section of the NOFO for instructions related to accessing the Uniform Application for State Grant Assistance form and for content and submission instructions.
  3. Question: How can I get more details about this grant opportunity?
    A technical assistance session will be offered on February 17, 2022, at 9:00 a.m. This session will provide participants with an overview of this funding opportunity, information on how providers can apply for FY22, and will offer an opportunity for interactive questions and answers. Use this link to register: https://uic.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZYsc-CgrTkiHdQ3biUsnrMczv0hz6xiTRn9
    In addition, Applicants are encouraged to frequently check this FAQ webpage as the responses provided may have an impact on your ability to submit a responsive application.
  4. Question: Is this grant for individuals or businesses and non for profit only?
    Eligible applicants for this funding opportunity are limited to those public and private nonprofit community-based organizations that are located in the city of Chicago. For more information, please refer to Section C. Eligibility Information and Grant Funding Requirements for applicant eligibility requirements.
  5. Question: Can someone contact me with a representative to guide an application for your grant process and info for detail of completed application?
    IDHS offers several options for assistance to ensure that your organization is prequalified and therefore, eligible to apply for this opportunity. These assistance options are NOT MANDATORY and will not affect your application score. If your organization has not successfully applied for state funding previously, IDHS encourages organizations to take advantage of these options; there is no cost to participate. IDHS: IDHS GATA Prequalification Assistance (state.il.us)
    Also, please refer to question #3 regarding the Technical Assistance being offered for this NOFO.
  6. Question: Our Village is included within a cluster for eligible agencies. Does this mean that the "clustered" agencies are to submit a group submission and all work together or does each individual agency submit an application for an independent program?
    Your organization could proceed either way. However, if your organization wants to provide services in multiple portions of the same "cluster", you will only submit a single application. One application per eligible service area "cluster" per applicant. Please note this is only available for Chicago eligible service areas.
  7. Question: Can you please explain what you mean by "this is only available for Chicago eligible service areas"?
    The RVPS NOFO identifies a list of 22 Chicago communities eligible for support from the IDHS, Office of Firearm Violence Prevention (OFVP). The OFVP will provide organizations within the eligible Chicago community areas with the necessary resources to provide violence prevention services.
  8. Question: Are areas that border cluster areas eligible for this funding opportunity?
    This funding opportunity is only open to Chicago eligible communities. Please refer to the Program Summary in the NOFO to view the list of communities eligible for support from the OFVP to fund evidence-based interventions supporting firearm violence reduction.

February 16, 2022:

  1. Question:  Will other funding opportunities be make available to communities not on this list of 22 Chicago Communities? 
     Yes. However, not all communities in the State will be eligible. To review the list of eligible communities please visit IDHS: Firearm Violence Prevention (illinois.gov). We anticipate a Youth Development funding notice will be made available for additional eligible communities in the coming days. To access all Funding Opportunities available in the IDHS, Division of Family and Community Services, including those related to violence prevention and youth development, please use the following link: IDHS: Family & Community Services Grant Information - FY 2022 (state.il.us)
  2. Question:  Is this funding opportunity being rolled out in three phases? Phase 1 -specific to gun violence interdiction/removal from communities; Phase 2-specific to programs to elevate youth/community members; Phase 3-specific to programs focused on mental health Or- Are all of these element's part of the current funding opportunity and as such should be included in the proposal submitted in this package?
    Answer: The scope of this funding opportunity is described in the funding notice. This Notice will only fund services described in the notice. Each funding opportunity is unique, including the application requirements. Therefore, separate funding opportunities will require a separate application specific to that funding notice.

February 22, 2022

  1. Question: I missed the Technical Assistance Session held on 2.17.2022; did you record this session?
    Yes, a recording of the Technical Assistance Session will be available on IDHS: 2774-QA RPSA Violence Prevention Services Technical Assistance, Appendices and Frequently Asked Questions (state.il.us) approximately three business days after the session.
  2. Question: The link provided at the TA Session to view eligible service areas in Illinois outside Chicago opens up as an error. Will you provide a corrected link? 
    To view a list of RPSA Eligible Community Areas & Municipalities, please visit IDHS: FirearmViolence Prevention (state.il.us)
  3. Question: Are organizations applying for funding required to have 501c3 status.? 
    Please refer to Section C. Eligibility Information and Grant Funding Requirements. It states, "Eligible applicants for this funding opportunity are limited to those public and private nonprofit community-based organizations that are located in the city of Chicago." 501c3 is an included status. 501c4 would also be included.
  4. Question: Can someone help us with the grant writing? 
    You may pay someone to help you write your grant, however, the costs associated with that may not be charged to the grant if received. IDHS offers several options for assistance to ensure that an organization is prequalified and therefore, eligible to apply for a funding opportunity. To access these options please use this link, (also available within the NOFO): IDHS GATA Prequalification Assistance (state.il.us) You may find the Youth Development Programming Capacity Building Technical Assistance in this list of options to be most helpful as they do offer grant writing trainings.

February 28, 2022

  1. Question: Can a lead agency subcontract out all 3 programs (Street outreach, Case management, Victim services) or do they have to facilitate at least one?
    Grantees must directly provide at least one of the program elements (street outreach, case management, and victim services). "Organizations may not subcontract all three program elements. Subcontractors will be subject to the same GATA and grant requirements as the grantee." For more information, please refer to the NOFO under Section 3 Required Services and Programming.

March 1, 2022

  1. Question: Where can we access the Internal Controls Questionnaire (ICQ) and Programmatic Risk Assessment (PRA) Forms for the IDHS 22-444-80-2774-01 RPSA Violence Prevention Services opportunity? 
    The ICQ will be completed and submitted on the GATA Grant Accountability and Transparency Act /CSFA (Catalog of State Financial Assistance) system. For more information, please refer to Appendix C IDHS: IDHS GATA Prequalification Assistance (state.il.us) To access the PRA for 22-444-80-2774-01 RPSA Violence Prevention Services, please use the following link IDHS: Programmatic Risk Survey - Division of Family and Community Services (state.il.us) This link is also located on the Family and Community Services Grant Information FY22 Home page, in the Community and Positive Youth Development Table, for the RPSA Violence Prevention Services solicitation.

March 2, 2022

  1. Question: We have been approved and prequalified by IDHS: IDHS GATA Prequalification Assistance (state.il.us). What's the next step to apply for funding?
    Please refer to the IDHS: 22-444-80-2774 RPSA Violence Prevention Services (RVPS) Notice of Funding Opportunity (state.il.us) The NOFO contains detailed instructions, outlines requirements, and provides helpful links throughout to assist applicants in applying for this funding opportunity.
  2. Question: How can I access the Technical Session recording? It appears the link on your website to the IL file transfer is not working properly.
    If the link to the TA Session is not working properly, please submit an email request to DHS.ViolencePreventionServices@illinois.gov, Subject Line: RVPS 22-444-80-2774 Request. The TA Session recording will be sent to you directly.

RPSA Violence Prevention Technical Assistance Session:

March 4, 2022
Questions and Answers from this session: 

  1. Question: Should you apply for more than one community area? I believe that the application states that you need to actually submit one for each community area separately, is that correct?
    : Yes, that is correct. You should apply for each separate community area that you wish to provide services in. You would submit a separate complete application to us. We do have restrictions laid out in the legislation that prohibit us from funding the same entity to provide services in more than three community areas.
  2. Question: Regarding subcontracting, if we have an existing Memorandum of understanding with street outreach organizations, does that supply as a subcontract?
    A subcontract presumes that you are providing money to another entity to secure or pay for those services that ensures that those services will be available will work with you.
  3. Question: We are in the town of Cicero, Is there a separate Notice of Funding of Funding Opportunity (NOFO)?
    No, there is not currently a separate funding notice for this particular program. There is a separate process that we are looking at for communities that that are in a similar situation of experiencing extremely high levels of gun violence. They are provided on the DHS site and my staff can post the eligible communities in greater Illinois. The Cicero/ Berwyn area is one of the eligible communities for funding for the Reimagined Public Safety Act. We will be supporting that community, how we're going to do that is by creating local advisory councils which will then recommend to our office, how that community wants to be funded. from there we will then do the know full process and get the funding out the door for those for those communities municipalities across the state of Illinois.
  4. Question: Are charter schools allowed to apply outside of the school district as an LPA meaning, are we as a charter school able to apply without the permission of Chicago public schools?
    Yes, if you are a not for profit organization. In looking at the funding notice, it provides the eligibility criteria.
  5. Question: We have hospitals that serve 16 of the 22 priority communities that are listed in the Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO) eligibility. Can we apply for the 16 communities?
    You may not be awarded funding to serve all 16 of the communities that you would be interested in. You will need to submit a separate application for each service area you would be applying for, we are able to fund up to three. There are conditions upon whether or not we can consider issuing funding outside of three service areas.
  6. Question: Can suburbs collaborate with the City of Chicago organizations to receive these funds?
    You must be an organization that is intending to provide services in one of the identified eligible community areas. For communities that are outside of these identified communities, they fall into the greater Illinois. If you're providing a service within the city of Chicago partner organizations. Then, you should be eligible for this particular Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO). If you're providing a service for just a South Suburban areas outside of Chicago, then there are separate Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO).
  7. Question: Can you discuss the inclusion of mediation services and training being funded by these grants?
    We have competitive funding notices to identify training and technical assistance and support providers that will support the work. Those competitive funding notices have came down. The office is in the process of making funding decisions. At this time, we hope to know in the coming weeks, who those funded organizations will be that will be providing that technical  assistance. You will be able to select work with any of the technical assistance providers that that we expect to fund. I think we're looking to fund three to help cover the training needs for our program sites. We are very hopeful that they will be able to work with all of you and get you all the training that you will need in the various aspects of your implementation work with violence prevention programs.  As well as able to provide some support and training for all of your related general things. Such as the organizational management of your agency or being able to be compliant with some of the financial kinds of things. These organizations will not only be able to provide some training for you directly relevant to program implementation, but   also to address other various types of capacity needs that your organizations may have in proceeding forward. Regarding the mediation services, the Governor intentions are about making sure smaller organizations that have never done business with the state of Illinois have a seat at the table. We are encouraging small organizations as well as large organizations to apply for all eligible funding. You will be graded according to not necessarily your size but you will be graded by what your program provides to the components of the grant.
  8. Question: Are reference letters necessary in the application process?
    : No, they are not necessary.
  9. Question: Does our agencies offices have to be located in the neighborhood that we are providing services for?
    No, they're not required to be in those neighborhoods. However, there are obvious advantages for them to be located in those areas. If you look through the funding notice, you look at what it is hoping to fund. We are hoping to fund organizations that are located within those community areas. You are still eligible to apply, even though you may not be physically located in those areas. You will be required to provide services in those areas to those individuals located in those areas.
  10. Question: If our organization is located in the South suburbs, are we only eligible for youth development or are we eligible for violence prevention services as well?
    You are only eligible for youth development services.
  11. Question: Should the application include the whole grant package?
    Yes, it should include the whole grant package.
  12. Question: What is the size of the organization that will be funded through this grant?
    We are looking to fund those small community based organizations that are out there in those communities, doing this work or looking to do this type of work.
  13. Question: Are we required to submit a complete application package for each separate area for which we would be applying for?
    Yes, you would submit a complete an application for each separate area. Some of the information you are including in each of the applications may be the same information. In each application package, the narrative proposal should be unique to each separate community area to which you are applying because of the circumstances, etc. We are trying to keep these applications local in these community areas by addressing specifically the needs. These are individual needs that exists within those separate community areas.
  14. Question: Is there a budget template available somewhere that we can use prior to entering info into the CSA system?
    Yes, there a template for the budget that you could fill out prior to actually entering it into the CSA system. There is an Appendix that has the budget information.
  15. Question: What all is and not allowed to include in the budget like office furniture and office supplies?
    You will need to request from us what you need to implement your program. You need to make sure that your costs are reasonable and that they are necessary for the implementation of your program. For example, if you need a couch. You need to determine it is for your program and it's necessary to have a couch in an office space. Maybe it's related to providing counseling services or something of that nature. You need to make the direct connection to have it effectively implement your program. That would be an allowable purchase under the grant. However, it has to be reasonable.  You need to take those factors into consideration when you're making decisions about what is allowable and not allowable. You need to make that the direct line connection that it's necessary and reasonable for the purposes of implementing your plan as you have proposed it to us. It should be an eligible expense under the grant. You are able to charge administrative costs to the grant, those costs that can be directly attributed to implementing the program that are allowed. For those indirect costs that you may want to charge to the grant. Those are costs that are not directly related to the implementation of the program. They are generally referred to more as overhead costs. You are allowed to charge those costs to the grant as well.
  16. Question: How do I sign up in CSA if I have an out of state driver's license?
    That does complicate things. It takes a little bit lengthier time, it is recommended that you start now.
  17. Question: You have to have 501 C 3 as a requirement. If so, will the agency get time to complete an application for that?
    The requirement is that you need to be a not for profit organization that is documented with the IRS at the federal level. We will be asking you to submit that document with your application. One of the documents will be providing a Federal W-9 form. If you are not currently an organization that is designated as a not-for-profit community-based organization recognized by the Internal Revenue Service. You can start that process. However, the federal government would not be able to turn around an application that effectively establishes an organization as a not for profit within the time frame that we have allowed for the submission due date of the application.
  18. Question: Do you have to have everything in your organization up and running by the contract deadline April 20, 2022?
    You do not have do have everything up and running. What we are asking is that you're able to begin providing services within like 30 days of the start date. As long as you're still able to provide street outreach, case management, and victim advocacy services. If you are wanting to do this on a much grander scale that what you have the capacity to do. You are giving us a budget for a period of time for 26 or 27 months. You may just not have that piece up and running in the first few months but we will be able to see where it is in your plan.
  19. Question: How do we outline the service area year so for each service area year? Do we request separate amount for them like, for example $412 and $630 will that be a separate amount request?
    : The way that we have this application setup, you will essentially do two separate budgets for us. You will provide us one budget that you will provide on paper for the entire time period. We are making sure we are covering your costs for that period of time. We are asking you to enter the full amount separately. You will be entering into CSA system, as part of your application, the budget that you need for the remainder of this current state fiscal year. Once we go through this process and we identify you and that you're going to be funded for this program. We will getting your contract in place. Overall, you will be providing us a total budget that will span across three fiscal state years. At each time, you will be submitting a budget for us for the upcoming period. This budget will cover 26 months.
  20. Question: Can you provide examples to what include in the budget, just to have an idea of what to include and not include?
    You cannot charge capital expenditures to the grant. For example, you can't build a building. There is a section in the NOFO that lays out all the allowable and an allowable cost under the grant.
  21. Question: Can office space be included in the budget?
    Yes, it can be included. You have to be able to tie the need to having the office space for the grant program. For example, the office space will be used by either program participants administrative staff that are working on implementing the program.
  22. Question: What federal document does our organization need to present regarding this grant?
    You will need to provide a Federal Form W-9. It is a one-page document that simply identifies your name of your organization, Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN), and your address.
  23. Question: Is the proposal narrative different from the application or is that a section in the application?
    It is a section in the application. It includes a program narrative, which is lengthy portion of the application that you are going to be writing to apply for this grant. The funding notice will walk you through what you need to include in the application that you will be submitting to us.
  24. Question: In order to meet all three areas of focus of the NOFO, can multiple organizations apply under one application?
    If you've got three separate organizations that want to come together. Make each one provide one of the three components of the program and come together and submit a single application. One of you would have to be identified as that lead organization to be the actual grantee for this program. You would then have a sub contract, a contractual agreement in place with each of the other two agencies that would lay out what the expectations for those organizations towards implementing this grant. You would need to lay out what those expectations are. You would then submit a single application together. Each one of the two agencies would show up in the grantee's budget. As the official grantee to DHS, you are then responsible for ensuring that those other two agencies are performing their obligations and complying with those requirements of the grant. The grantee will be accountable for ensuring all of those things are being completed.
  25. Question: What would be considered a sub grantee versus subcontractor?
    If you have a contractual arrangement with another agency to provide services under this grant that you can refer to it as a sub grant or subcontract. There is a distinction. Contractual services, for example, maybe you hire a staff person contractually or maybe hire a contractual service. You might have an agreement with an entity to provide printers to your agency right you're contracting for services. We don't consider that would be a sub grantee. A sub grantee would be an entity that is actually performing some of the work that we are requiring under the grant.
  26. Question: Can you ask for some additional money up front to get certain things up and running?
    Yes, you can ask for additional money up front. That's why you're giving us a budget of what you believe it's going to cost over that 26 month period. If you need more money in the first few months to start your program then ask for the money.
  27. Question: If you're already recognized as a not for profit without a 501 C3, like a church, is that acceptable?
    Yes, if you are designated as a not for profit by the IRS.
  28. Question: Is the application open to a natural person that does not affiliate with any business or nonprofit organization but operates in their name?
    You may not be eligible to apply for this particular grant. You must be a recognized as a not-for-profit public or private organization.
  29. Question: Is the 501 C 3 necessary?
    You must be a not for profit in order to be eligible. Please refer to the eligibility section of the funding notice.