Seeking Experienced State Grant Reviewers

The Illinois Department of Human Services (IDHS) is administering a series of competitive funding notices as part of the implementation of the Reimagine Public Safety Act to identify and fund organizations that will provide evidence-based violence prevention services, youth development services, and high-risk youth intervention services to highly impacted communities across Illinois. We are currently seeking subject matter experts to help IDHS review NOFO applications via a merit-based review process.

IDHS is committed to building a dynamic and diverse team of reviewers that will ensure a reflective, robust, and comprehensive provider selection process. The recruitment and selection of reviewers will balance the expertise of IDHS staff in the merit-based review process with the knowledge, perspectives, and experience of external stakeholders who know about violence prevention efforts, delivery of vital services to communities throughout the state, and grantmaking processes. Your volunteer participation as a reviewer will directly impact the success of our efforts to support and implement the Reimagine Public Safety Act throughout the State.

If you are interested in serving as a volunteer grant reviewer, please complete the Reimagine Public Safety Act Grant Reviewer Interest Survey.

Please direct all questions to