PM 06-09-01: All Kids Moms & Babies - Program Requirements

WAG 06-09-01.

To receive All Kids Moms and Babies, a person must:

  • be pregnant or within Revised Text.the first 3 months of the postpartum period; (an expected date of delivery is not required); or
  • be an infant under age 1 born to a woman receiving Medicaid at the time the baby was born; or
  • be an infant under age 1 born to a woman who was approved for Medicaid back to the month of the infant's birth.

There is no asset limit.

Persons also must meet the following requirements:

  • income policy (see PM 15-04-00); and
  • residency (verify only if there is reason to doubt residence); and
  • client cooperation (to verify income).

NOTE: Client cooperation requirements for child support enforcement and medical support do not apply.

The following All Kids Assist requirements do not apply:

  • furnishing or applying for a Social Security number; and
  • cooperation with child support or medical support.

Do not require any information that is optional to decide eligibility.